The 14th February is considered around the world as a day to celebrate LOVE…today’s article is about celebrating UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR SELF

Do you feel exhausted all the time? Mentally, emotionally and physically?

Are you too busy pleasing and doing for everyone else, including your family that you don’t have time for yourself?

Have you ever told yourself ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not beautiful’, ‘I’m worthless’, or ‘I hate myself’?

Today I want to address the ‘I’m not good enough story’. That program you have been continually running all your life.

From a very young age I always knew I was different. I never seemed to quite fit in. This resulted in me continually rebelling as to what was considered the ‘norm’ and regularly challenging the status quo.

I searched for love and acceptance through external means, to fill the void I felt was gaping inside of me. I hated myself for everything that was different about me.

I was determined to hide my true feelings of self-worth under a cleverly disguised mask. I became known as the happy friend that would do anything for everyone else at no cost to herself. I was craving friendship and love and still I never really fitted in!

I started searching for a better way to live an extraordinary life on my own terms.

What is the most important thing in your life right now for you?

And why does it mean a lot to you?

What if I could tell you that if you loved yourself unconditionally you would be able to give more, share more, and that you would attract the right people into your life whether it be for love, friendship, or to guide or mentor you.

Do you know if you want to see changes with how people treat you, speak to you and act around you, you need to first make a conscious choice to change yourself from within?

I want to inspire and empower you and let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I HAVE been on a similar path to you, I totally get it! I am YOU!!

I worked my ass off in a corporate job, managing a legal firm while raising a family. I missed out on my kids’ childhood. I worked till I made myself so sick I ended up in hospital. I attached so much to my job and career that when I didn’t have it anymore I became depressed. I did not know who I was! I wore a mask at work, in front of my friends and at home. I was always happy, happy, happy or grumpy as hell! I was tired and exhausted all the time.

How many of you give everything you have to your job or your family, your identity is lost and you don’t know who you are? You are so busy caring and loving everyone else you forget about yourself. Or perhaps you like it that way, to push outwardly and give affection and attention elsewhere, so you need not have to look within.

Maybe your perception is that it would be too painful to look inwardly and connect to your truth. Sometimes my clients say to me ‘I might not like who I am’. This statement is an illusion of your own making and is an untruth.

Today I want you to make the decision, that the first step moving forward is a commitment to YOU. That’s right…YOU! Make the choice to put YOU first!

This is all about you loving yourself and embracing your inner child.

It is interesting to note, that when our patterns are disrupted, or we are confronted; maybe our belief system has been triggered or we experience resistance. We suppress the emotion that is bubbling up to the surface and push it to one side. Over time the feelings that are echoing from our inner child, develop into a deep chasm of pain. The feeling of being unloved and unheard reverberates through our whole being and patterns into the fear of ‘I’m not good enough’.

When we feel we are being pushed, our inner child surfaces. We manifest these emotions as fear. I always use the analogy of a cupboard where our inner child resides. We continually place one emotion on top of the other, all our fears, anxieties, and illusions. Until he/she is unable to handle it anymore. This results in ‘breakdowns’, confusion, and not knowing who we really are.

Today is about embracing your inner child.

The first step is to sit in meditation/stillness and ask your inner child what it is they require from you right now.


Connect to spirit and listen to that still small voice within.

He/she is just waiting to have a conversation with you right now. To tell you how they feel.

Once you connect to that vulnerability from your inner child, you will start experiencing a deeper love that you thought was not possible for yourself.

If that is difficult for you, and it can be sometimes, liken that love for self to someone who you truly, madly love deeply. Take that love you feel for them and replace ‘them’ with YOU.

This is a process and will take time. Remember you have been running the ‘I’m not good enough’ pattern for a very long time. Take it one step at a time and before you know it, you will be loving your sexy ass self, like I do.

I would love to hear about your journey. Please feel free comment below.


Deb x