In Shamanism the Wolf is a powerful ally. The She-Wolf guards the gateway into the spiritual realm. Throughout the ages the Wolf has been studied with mystique and reverence. She is a fierce and powerful protector.

If you have the Wolf as a spirit guide you know that as your guardian she uses her spiritual divinity to keep you focussed, safe and open to new things. She guides you to connect to your higher self and align with the Great Spirit, journeying through the gateway into the non-ordinary reality.

The Wolf is a primal warrior and is worshipped in many ancient practices and traditions.

We can join with the spirit of our ancestors by connecting through our Wolf spirit guide. The She-Wolf provides and nurtures. She is also playful and connected to her inner child. She is observant and is deeply connected to her intuitive self.

The She-Wolf guides us to a place of balance using all that nature has to offer. Each step she takes is directly as a result of her survival instincts. She knows when to hunt, what plants to eat, where to build her den to raise her young. She is the leader of her pack.

Strong within herself. Her outward layers keep her secure and safe from the harsh environment.

The She-Wolf is attentive and loving. She expresses herself and commands respect. She speaks her mind, uses her voice. Nothing stands in her way.

As a leader she has great survival instincts. If you have the Wolf as your spirit animal you are social in nature and a great communicator.

You are very protective of your own space and that shows through the clear boundaries you set in all areas of your life.

Highly competitive, focussed and singleminded in all your interactions.

Very persuasive, dynamic, energetic and influential. However you exhibit distrust of others and are ever watchful.

You are connected to your emotional self which displays its characteristics through your expressive behaviour.

Mindful of each step you take whether it be in life, business or relationships.

A good listener as you observe other people’s opinions before making up your own mind. You thrive in a group environment.

You are protective of your friendships and relationships including business alliances.

As easily as you make a decision you can change direction swiftly evaluating all the information that is available to you.