Today I am going to share with you about the astrological calendar of my ancestors. My Shamanic line runs deep through Tibet, Nepal and India. This rich and diverse culture observed the ancient Vedas for astrology. These teachings were handed down from one Shaman to another.

The Vedic astrological calendar preserved the integrity of the lunar month. Unlike the Gregorian calendar which adds additional days to maintain a 365-day solar calendar. It is to be noted that every few years an extra month is added through a detailed and complex process, which takes into account the seasonal planting and harvesting of crops. This is the calendar of the ancients.

Called by many different names, depending on the cultural landscape, used in nearly all primal intrinsic human cultures across this planet.

The first Full Moon in January is known by many names, the Wolf Moon, the Cold Moon, the Old Moon.

The Wolf Moon occurs when the Moon is contrary to the Sun. On a metaphysical level this occurrence focuses on balance versus imbalance in our lives. Our emotions and intuition climax during this time.

This together with increased and heightened strength, intensity, fortitude, authority and insight.

The Wolf Moon is also the symbol of abundance, success and prosperity.

The Wolf Moon in January calls us to focus within, and to place our ‘own house’ in order before looking elsewhere.

Are there any beliefs and patterns which continually surface that no longer serve you? Then find harmony and balance within spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

The Wolf Moon calls us to spotlight current social bonds and reassess relationships. These include physical, emotional and mental attachments to relationships with family members and friends.

It is a time to take a step back and understand why there is an acceptance and commitment to socially accepted norms, even though they may not serve you nor align with your true beliefs.

Focus on bolstering and re-establishing your boundaries physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Organise and integrate plans for the year.

Shamanism teaches us to focus within, connect to spirit and allow spirit to guide and lead us in our journey. We always look inwardly not outwardly and we know that the work we do at an elemental level will affect the energy around us; impact the relationships we have with others and attract magic, happiness, success, abundance, love, joy and wealth into our lives. Like attracts like.

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Deb x