The Shamanic Path is a journey identifying and connecting with spirit guides, ancestors, enlightened masters and teachers. This culminates in a deeper connection to self, removing debilitating thought patterns and belief processes that no longer serve you. Allowing for accessibility and a deep spiritual awakening.

Step through the doorway to your truth and reality. Leave behind the physical part of self that is assimilated into preconditioning and past impressions. No longer living the life of the illusory self.

The Shamanic Path incorporates the ancient practices of Shamanism and brings relevance to these teachings into the 21st century.

Shamanism is one of the earliest spiritual practices known to man.

Anthropologists agree that this ancient tradition could have spanned tens of thousands of years. Think about it from the Celts to the Vikings, Australian Aborigines, Native American Indians, people from Tibet, Siberia, Nepal, India to name a few.

At any one point in our history, Shamanism has been an integral part of our way of life on planet Earth. Even in this day and age, there are still tribes and communities who practice these ancient teachings.

Was Shamanism so prevalent in the many cultures and social traditions on this planet because of the migration of our ancestors over 20,000 years ago?  The answer lies perhaps not in migration but in the awareness and awakening of man.

It is my belief that social forces and the quest for a deeper understanding of self, on an energetic and spiritual plane, created the energy vacuum that our ancestors accessed to expand their consciousness.

Shamanism’s core belief and its practices and processes, can be paralleled with similar teachings found in, Paganism, Animism, Totemism, altered states of consciousness to name a few. These teachings were intrinsic and singular to the central belief system and history of the tribe. Shamanism was an oral tradition. Much of what we know historically is through cave drawings or documented in later years by the advent of western civilisation.

A short history lesson on how Shamanism has shaped us…

In the Pre-Bronze Age we were inherently nomadic, roaming with the change in seasons, following food and shelter. We were community focussed and venerated our tribe. The tribe provided us with security, safety, family, food and shelter. Therefore, the survival of the tribe was primary for all its members and everyone within the tribe had a role that was equally important for the survival of the Tribe.

Our ancestors understood the importance of being connected to their natural surroundings, to the elements, the sun, moon, stars and the seasons. They hunted and harvested only what was required for the survival of the tribe. They respected the earth with all her exceeding bounty and the universe (with what they knew, the sun, moon, stars, clouds). Our ancestors understood that there was more than only a physical state of being. Women and men of the same tribe who were seeking a deeper connection and understanding of self and to communicate with their animal spirits and spirit guides, did so through the Shaman of the tribe.

Through these processes there was one tribal elder, so named the Shaman (spiritual healer/teacher) who was responsible for the communication of these traditions and teachings in their lifetime and for the continual lifeblood of the tribe for each generation to come.

These oral traditions were preserved and transmitted in the form of human communication to be handed down from one Shaman to another. These cherished, secretive and protected processes and teachings would ensure for the spiritual growth and cohesiveness of the tribe for many generations to come.

These practices now include past life regression, soul retrieval, altered states of consciousness, conversing with animals and other beings, journeying into non-ordinary realities, Shamanic breathwork, disruption of patterns and stories, deep soulful introspection, dreamwork, channelling, mediumship, speaking in tongues, tribal dance, processes to unleash the primal energy within, connecting to the elements, bridging the gap to our ancestors so they can commune on a regular basis with us and nature’s healing processes.

Humankind is ready to awaken the Shaman within and reconnect to this ancient spiritual practice.