The September Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere initiate’s us into Spring. Also known as the Vernal Equinox, it can fall on any date between 21st and 24th September.

In the Northern Hemisphere the September Equinox calls out to Fall (Autumn).

The September Equinox heralds in the new dawn, rebirth, light and nature’s procreation and genesis. This event only occurs twice a year.

The Sun (our father), postures himself on his journey Southward above the Celestial Equator.

It is here, in this Divine expanse where the Sun and the Divine Goddess (the Equator) converge. A beautiful union as the Sun, the masculine traverses the beauty of the feminine in her Divine form.

It is at this moment that the Sun is exactly above the Equator, and the union with the Divine Goddess is balanced and harmonised in Virgo.

During this time the Sun is at its closest distance to the Equator. This cyclic revolution is over 25,000 years.

It is the time when all Celestial beings (including Nature, the Divine Earth Goddess) calls for balance with our physical environment. Investigating and probing into our internal mechanisms to source unity, empathy, peace and harmony.

Is the mind balanced with the body?

Is spirit in alignment with the mind?

Is the trinity (mind, body and spirit) aligned with Mother Earth and our physical environment?

Revelations will be presented to you through spirit guides, deities and the enlightened masters and teachers, those who inhabit the higher echelons of our spiritual space.

Notice the subtlety of how the day and night complement each other during this time.

Be the Star that is illuminated with the constellations, effortlessly and deliberately rotating around the earth, rising with our Father (the Sun) and the Divine Goddess.