Ants are amazing creatures. I am totally in awe of their strength, versatility, focus, determination, resilience and singlemindedness. What they accomplish for the colony is no small feat. The lessons they teach us in being part of a tribe are undeniable.

Other than the queen, there is no one ant that stands out. Ants live in complex social hierarchal communities. Whether they are drones, workers or soldiers. Each ant has a specific task to complete for the support and the continuation of the tribe.

Ants work together in unison as part of the colony. They move as one, in a single endeavour. We can learn a great deal from our ant brothers and sisters. I love watching their busyness and uniformity when completing a task or ‘marching’ and following each other in a line.

Ants are little warriors.

Think now about primal man and woman ..

In ancient times men and women of the same tribe, worked together and stood as one for the betterment and survival of the tribe. Many of us have forgotten this community based belief system. From a young age we are taught to stand as one. Think how strong we would be as a community of like-minded individuals, if we stood with others.

In our current social climate, we have the opportunity to use our voice to speak for others who do not have a voice or are silenced. We can stand with the tribe as one and agree that real change is required in each of our communities. If there is a call to arms for a particular social issue educate yourself. Ask yourself what can I do to empower, support, help, assist and encourage other beings. Like the warrior ant, what are you prepared to do?

I encourage individuality, standing out from the crowd, being authentically you with no apology, speaking your truth, being the real you. Sometimes we are self-absorbed in striving for our own individuality, our own identity, that we forgot about the bigger picture.

We can learn a lot from this little warrior.

Find your tribe, march as one and choose to stand out from the crowd when it aligns with your authentic truth. Trust spirit.

Differentiate between the ego part of self that does not serve you, the one that surfaces through insecurity, ‘I’m not good enough or not worthy’. The one that is loud and opinionated not because it aligns with your truth; it hides that part of self that is emotionally vulnerable and in pain.

Look deep within when choosing your path.

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Deb x