By Guest Blogger Lisa Byrne

Self belief for me has been an ongoing journey for quite some time. I have seen huge growth within myself, the more I practice self love and self care and reach out of my comfort zone.

Knowing my truth and purpose was a valuable lesson for me. Believing that I could actually be capable of following my dreams. Things that I would daydream about, and often put off and think “one day”.  I had all these self limiting beliefs that prevented me from moving forward or taking any action. Little did I know how much at the time.

The fear stopped me from reaching bigger goals in life. I convinced myself of being happy the way things were, putting up with the same job, same toxic people etc. Each day feeling an inner frustration and knowing deep inside there was a greater purpose in my life that I needed to fulfil.

I kept trying to take on the world and getting nowhere. I would go from one situation to the next, from one business to another, from one relationship to the next relationship and get so frustrated at seeing the same thing happen over and over again! I was in the “why does this keep happening to me” phase.

I had trouble expressing myself and speaking my truth. I always hated confrontation, had low confidence and tried to always keep the peace in every situation and never truly voicing what my needs were. I would give away my power so that others were happy and to avoid conflict, not realising I had complete conflict within, completely at war with myself.

The patterns just got worse over time. I was not making good decisions that served my greater good. My health and wellbeing started to take a back seat. I carried a lot of stress within. On the outside I would put on a happy face. I honestly did not know how to deal with it or even knew how to release it, so I suppressed it all deep within.

I became a workaholic. I began to depend on alcohol as a way to escape my feelings and emotions. I would just keep taking on more and more responsibility to fill in that void. I honestly felt non existent and lost my sense of identity.

One day things got too much for me to handle anymore, I was fed up seeing the same patterns and I wanted serious changes. Over time the calling for my greater potential overcame my state of living in fear.

The best thing I had ever done for myself was to reach out and find support and create a good support network. The second best thing I done was to start to invest in myself and that is where I started my self development and spiritual growth journey.  I started to join groups and participate in courses. From this I was able to find my purpose in life or more say, I started to believe in myself and my life’s purpose. I developed a deeper level of connection with myself, my soul.

I started to gain confidence and find my voice. I invested huge into my mindset and spiritual growth and I started to shift paradigms and have a complete new way of thinking.

Everything around me started to change also. I let go the toxic structure that I had built for myself, as it no longer served me. I let go of businesses that were a complete distraction, I let go of those toxic relationships. I started to create a healthier lifestyle. I have made huge investments in my new career path and I have so much self belief and confidence that I can achieve that now, as I believe we are all limitless beings, our patterns, our stories and self limiting beliefs prevent us being the person we truly are deep within.

Without self belief, who are we? What is our purpose? We are already born into this world good enough and it is about unravelling those patterns, those layers to find ourselves and reconnect to our truth.
I am still on this journey of self discovery, I am grateful of the lessons I have gained thus far to make me the person I am now.

I give thanks for my journey.


Lisa Byrne x