Do you feel there is a disconnect in your life?

How would you like to learn to awaken the inner guide within?

Our intuition, the intuitive self and intuitive intelligence refer to the inner guide within.

The practice of connecting to the intuitive part of self is a powerful process. It is where we surrender to the spirit within and are shown what can be possible outside our current realm of understanding.

What does the word intuition mean for you?

Real change can be created when we trust and believe in the inner guide.

The spirit within has a direct line to the Great Spirit, our ancestors and spirit guides.

The intuitive part of self provides us with the best possible solution to all life’s problems and experiences. Our part is to trust that advice and feeling.

Your current belief system is synergistically connected to this inner guide.

If you are not working on improving, evolving or transforming your current state of being. The trust in self will not be there.

We see the intuitive part of self as a shrouded mystery. One we will never understand.

This is an untruth.

All it takes is for you to trust that first step.

Grasp a new way of believing.

Trust that what spirit is revealing to you is the right course of action for you to take at this point of time.

Messages and direction from our spirit guides and ancestors serve our higher self. They will not lead us astray. It is our own self belief that invites doubt and fear into this spiritual sacred space.

Since I was a young child I have always been led by my intuition, that gut feeling. I grew up trusting and believing that everything would be okay, and it always was. Lessons were learned, the inner voice grew stronger and my belief expanded and evolved.

Spirit has always been an integral part of my life.

A few years ago I received a huge download from spirit about ‘Intuitive Intelligence’. It was quite profound. It provided me with a deep understanding as to how these two words are aligned with each other.

These are the words associated with Intuition:
• Instinct
• Divination
• Inspiration
• Insight
• Sixth sense
• Innate knowledge
• Perception
• Discernment

What has intelligence got to do with intuition?

• Perception
• Understand
• Discernment
• Sagacity
• Enlightenment
• Foresight
• Insight

I love this!! You can see the correlation between these two words, intuition and intelligence. The two words are synergistic with each other. You can see this harmonic relationship by the words that define them.

Many of us are disconnected from that deeper part of self. The guide within.

How many times does your gut lead you one way and your head (or heart) get involved?

Intuition and intelligence are intertwined together. You cannot have one without the other.

Building your belief and trusting in your intuition will lead you to places where you could not have possibly imagined.

When we get vulnerable and uncomfortable fear grips us, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind can become involved and impede us from evolving into our true potential, whatever that is for you.

Give yourself permission to step into this unknown space. Through vulnerability you will experience strength and transformation.

How do you reconnect back to spirit and to your intuition?

Here are 5 tips that you can activate straight away:

1. Make some time each day for quiet contemplation:
a. Silence
b. Solitude
c. Prayer

2. Create space:
a. Observe without attachment any triggers, patterns and stories
b. Check in with self

3. Listen to that voice within:
a. Really listen
b. What is the first thing that drops in for you? Do that!

4. TRUST and BELIEVE in your intuition

5. Connect to spirit and your spirit guides through a Shamanic journey

By incorporating these simple and effective tips, you allow yourself to reactivate your intuitive intelligence and be open to receive messages that will be delivered to you through spirit.

If you would like to connect and learn more about intuition and connecting to your spirit guides leave a comment below.

I would love to hear from you.

Deb x