By Guest Blogger Audrey Bishop

I call my self an intuitive artist because I literally go with my intuitive self.

Really all artists have this in one way or an other. You may call it something different. There is a creative mind, a drive, a thirst to paint.

With my intuitive painting I never have a clue how it’s going to finish. It’s always really exciting for me to see what comes of it all, because as an intuitive artist I don’t rely on other images or paintings that have already been painted to create my art.

In the art world the hardest part is stepping out, off your comfort zone and taking chances. Being confident enough to do what feels right for you inside and not following suit.

Reminding your self that you are unique and different, “and when I paint it won’t look like anything anyone else has done”.

This is perfectly fine as art is subjective and everyone will always have an opinion, a like, dislike. Remember to not take anyone else’s opinions personally.

The only point of view that matters is mine, unless of course it’s a commissioned piece.

With a commissioned piece, I have to be happy with the outcome and feel content in knowing I accessed my intuitive self and honoured every image, vision, sense that comes to me.

Whilst I’m aware of this now, this wasn’t always the case.

I always loved art from a very young age. I found it easy, and really the only subject I enjoyed in school, minus the art history.

I explored graphic design, got a diploma, but always found it somewhat restrictive. When it came to advertising there were still basic rules to adhere to in order for the general public to relate. As much as you wanted to put your own design out there, you had to consider your audience more.

Then I explored theatrical make-up, I was a back stage production assistant and drama teacher for 4 years. I loved the freedom of theatrical make-up when we had briefs for fantasy or imagination.

When In arrived to Australia I was very into angel card readings and I was painting my readings onto canvas, I actually still have mine and it’s ironic how it has shown where I am today, and I painted that 14 years ago.

I worked in retail make-up Estée Lauder for 7 years. Chasing that creative career, but didn’t find it.

From there I became a disability support worker and weekly I would organise art classes and crafting days for my clients. That’s when I really started to feel I can offer more with art.

My first intuitive art piece on rebirth, was when I separated form my ex-husband. I ended our marriage due to his alcohol abuse.

I repainted both my sons rooms at their request. A space and underwater theme. It was a way to clear all the trauma they had experienced in the home.

The theatre room in the house was my ex-husband’s man-cave. No one was allowed in there and it was very dark and depressing.

I allowed my self to paint all my emotions of freedom, love, happiness and family unity. Following my intuitive self, resulting in a huge wall mural. My son called it the heart of the sea. That room is now called the ‘family room’ where everyone gathers.

That was two years ago, and I got caught up in life that comes with divorce, caring for two children with autism as a sole parent.

But then I meet Deb 💜

Working with Deb helped me unleash all that I had suppressed over the years. Deb helped me to discover my inner power with self.

I was thought Shamanic Journey meditations and this lead to a huge new view on the world. It also opened up my intuitive self bigger and stronger than I could ever imagine.

I’ve been painting only 7 months now and all my paintings have been lead by my intuition and spirit guides.

One particular painting that is a beautiful example of my intuitive art is as follows, I documented it down.

“Last night after having my first paint party with four other beautiful woman in my garage. The 6th beautiful woman ‘Kamiel’ my spirit guide came into my painting. I’m absolutely totally in love with her. She was a beautiful surprise painting and I knew that day I was to draw her but I didn’t know who she was. Not until I completed her last night. I’m excited to see what my next painting will be.

I’m always here to guide you but your must see your life through your eyes and no one else’s.

I’m now in the process of starting children’s art classes in my garage, over the school holidays. Every time I feel somewhat apprehensive, I remind my self that all I have to do is look in the mirror and take a deep breath and, remind my self that I already know what to do and I trust my intuition to guide me to where I need to go.

To be able to access this inner power has been the most liberating feeling I have ever experienced. It’s now my mission to share this new inner power as a ‘intuitive art therapy coach’, that I am currently studying in order to to help others discover their inner powerful self.