In Shamanism the Great Elephant symbolises strength, wisdom and the immortal soul. From ancient times elephants were admired for their great strength, versatility and memory.

Elephants have the ability to walk thousands of kilometres in one day. Never wavering in their path or their destination. Each journey is an adventure. Careful consideration is given to the journey ahead. These destinations are not the end of any journey for the adventure continues, they are interludes and stepping stones in life’s quest.

If you have an elephant as your spirit guide you are resourceful, determined, unwavering in your achievements, family focused, social, strong and resilient.

There is also a gentle, unassuming character that is sometimes hidden. You protect yourself from the outside world and others who you perceive are more interested in pulling you down than lifting you up.

Elephants are community focused, family oriented, nurturers and carers. Young elephants stay with their mother for three years.

It has been shown that elephants are self-aware and compassionate. The saying is true that an elephant never forgets.

Elephants communicate through touch, sight, smell and sound. They are capable of hearing very low frequencies. They also tap into and use vibrational frequencies for listening and communicating.

Elephant intelligence is considered on par with whales, dolphins, porpoises and primates (lemurs, monkeys, apes, humans).