The Goddess’ qualities are attributed to raw primal warrior Shamanic energy. Her strength, resilience and fortitude are particularly powerful.

Intuitively lead and connected to the wisdom and guidance of the Ancient Crone.

The inner Witch within her rises drawn to the union and synthesis with nature.

She is the Mystic and the Mage. Her spells, potions and magic draw on an established relationship with the Divine.

The Goddess embodies the complexities of the Shaman and epitomises the knowledge of the Medicine Woman.

As the Tribal Elder her guidance and leadership are venerated and celebrated.

She is a vehicle to commune with spirits, the enlightened masters and teachers, and ancestors in ritual and ceremony.

The Goddess is the Primal Warrior Woman. She brings grace, strength, vulnerability and power into this sacred space.

She is Earth Mother, the care-giver, nurturer and healer.

The Goddess infuses her feminine energy with the masculine to achieve balance in all things.

Call on each of her individual qualities and embrace the energy and teachings in each one.

Commune with her through a Shamanic Journey, meditation, breathwork or in ritual and ceremony.