In Shamanism we understand that there are four pillars to focus on daily to maintain the balance and harmony in our individual self.  The commitment to a consistent practice creates and fortifies the foundation within.  Your house, your temple becomes resilient, durable, solid, secure and stable.

Some of us tend to focus only on one pillar whether it be the physical self, the spiritual self or of the mind.  If we focus on only one pillar our life (our house) becomes lopsided.  There is no uniformity, tenacity, power or stability in that foundation.

Close your eyes and visualise what would happen if one of the pillars supporting your house was not strong enough…

The four pillars of our individual self are:

The emotive part of self – herein resides compassion, humility, unconditional love, our reaction when triggered and the manifestation of our beliefs.

The mind – that beautiful part of our conscious and subconscious self that stores our beliefs, patterns and stories.

The spiritual part of self – infinite possibilities for connection to the spirit realm, our guides, ancestors, the intuitive part of self and all the beautiful gifts bestowed on us by the Great Spirit.

The physical part of self – the body we live in.  The glorious connection in the physical realm and to this earth.

Take some time to be each day… Allow more balance and harmony in your life… Create a daily practice focusing on all four pillars: spiritual, emotional, physical and of the mind.

Balance and harmony… This is the journey…