In Shamanism, the Divine Mother is omnipresent and is represented through the energy that is embodied in all things.

In the earth and in the surrounding cosmos.

The Divine Mother sees all and is all.

She represents a nurturing, healing, loving energy; as a mother would have for her child.

You are connected to her now by your breath and your very being.

The Divine Mother is the essence of infinite pure energy.

When you connect to the Divine Mother you are held in her loving arms, in a warm embrace. There is no judgment, no lessons or learnings. There is only pure love.

The highest form of love is agape love. Absolute, genuine, unlimited love with no conditions.

The Divine Mother resides in us all.

Each one of us, are her children. Connected to one another through her, via our spirit self and the universal consciousness; which is continually expanding and evolving.

I worship the Divine Mother daily in ritual and ceremony.


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