See how Deb’s guidance
has impacted the lives of
real people.

Jen Pryor

Pryority Office Management Services

"WOW! Deb is a pocket rocket. She takes you on a journey where you are you are moved from laughing to crying and back again.

The energy and love inside of her is something special. Not a gift many people have. Knowing Deb is a truly wonderful thing."

Mich Taryna Clark

Holistic Mindset, Health & Wellness Specialist at Tremendous You

"Love this woman! Hilariously funny, down to earth, 'in touch and connected', healing, magnetic and altogether tremendous.

I had the privilege of listening to this powerful, spiritually connected lady recently at the Secrets in the Garden event and was blown away.

You see, I kinda know Deb. I was drawn to her from the moment I first met her. She just has this magnetic vibration that pulls you in and up.

But when I heard her speak….wow!

All I know is that all who have the blessed opportunity to be within cooee of her should grab it with both hands.”

Kelly Morrison

Owner Cool Change Boutique

“On Sunday we attended the Secrets in the Garden women’s event here in Perth.

I was blown away by Deb’s energy and passion for what she does. Absolutely the highlight of my day.

Taking us on such a powerful guided meditation made it such a memorable experience.

Deb radiates warmth and authenticity. Thank you for sharing your story and can’t wait to work more with you and achieving personal breakthroughs on the 19th March.”


“Thank you for putting together this retreat which allowed me to experience India, Rishikesh and to be inspired by such amazing teachers.

I could relate to you in so many ways. You have inspired me to grow and stand in my own power to be unapologetically me. I’m also inspired by the work you do how you hold yourself personally and professionally.

Your energy and vibe attracts your tribe and you certainly brought together an amazing group of people that I got to share the journey with.

You are truly an amazing woman and it has been a blessing to meet and work with you.”

With Deep Gratitude

Amber, 33, Subiaco.

“Deb is completely changing my life! I went along to my first session with no expectations and I have been blown away with the results I’ve had in such a short time. You have to be ready to let go and open up completely, Deb makes you feel safe and there is no judgment in her beautiful space. She truly is an amazing woman and I feel blessed that I found her.”

Through 2016 I committed myself to personal growth. I reached out to Deb as a coach due to her varied skills with coaching, shamanic journeys & Reiki. I am pleased with the progress we made and what was achieved through our time together. Deb’s confidence in me, helped me grow my own which was one of the main areas I wanted to work on. For that, I am extremely thankful. Looking forward to keeping in touch with Deb. She is an inspiring and motivated lady which is what you want to be around as it is contagious. Thank you Deb, much appreciated.”


Mark Lupo

Owner/CEO Club PFL