See how Deb’s guidance
has impacted the lives of
real people.

Louise M.


“I really want to thank you for your beautiful workshop I attended a few weeks ago.
It was so relaxing and you have a special caring way with people.

You inspired me so much that evening I felt on top of the world.

And still feel great.

You have so much life experience, knowledge and wisdom to share that your beauty oozes out of your beautiful soul.

Thanx my dear soul sister

Much appreciated.




Carolyn Verhoef


“When I first meet you Deb it was like meeting sunshine. You radiate warmth and acceptance, I immediately felt a genuine interest in who I was with no agenda or purpose. These qualities I believe are the corner stone of what makes you an amazing speaker and transformational coach.

Over the past year seeing you bring your true self to your presentations has been totally awesome.

During your workshops I’ve felt a complete sense of fun and ease while expanding the horizons of my thinking. The process you take us through is clearly delivered, is easily relatable to our own lives and how that will shift us to new ways of operating in daily life. Some have been small bit size ideas but have a significant impact, others are journey’s that can completely blow your mind.

What makes you different is the unique combination of Shaman and Seer coupled with a logical and organised process of bringing these into daily living. This is important to me as we don’t all have the opportunity to unplug from the norm of society, e.g. A nine to five job, children and financial pressures.

One thing is abundantly clear in your presentation style is passion! You give your participants 100% and deliver us tools and inspiration that give us value long after the workshop. You’re totally engaging and hold the attention of your audience with a beautiful presence of being and powerful words.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend you as an inspirational speaker to women, community groups and corporate entities that want to inject more authenticity and develop better working relationships in to their organization.

I so look forward to experiencing more of your unique gifts.”

Nicole Davidson


“I was lucky enough to win a 5-week coaching package with Deb after hearing her speak (and dance) at Secrets in the Garden this year. I had no idea what to expect after hearing her say “I mess with people’s minds” but I was excited to work with her as if you have ever heard her speak her crazy rawness, vibrant personality and passion is so inspiring.

From the very first session I walked away feeling happier and for lack of a better word “lighter” and this feeling increased each week as we worked through reframing negative beliefs, self forgiveness, self love, self worth and finding my voice among other things.

To offer up 5 sessions of her own time shows just how generous Deb is and dedicated in helping others empower themselves so they can live the life of their dreams. I had always thought I should be able to work through certain life struggles on my own but I truly wish I had of met Deb years ago!

We shouldn’t be growing old forgetting our own self worth and letting life and our dreams slip by so if you are someone who needs to learn a little self love, to be empowered to get what you want out of life or simply a friendly ear and some helpful tools to get you on the right track, Deb is the one to help you do this. For the first time in my life I can say ‘I have my own back’ and am excited for what the future has in store!”

Lisa Waterworth

“Deb is completely changing my life!

I went along to my first session with no expectations and I have been blown away with the results I’ve had in such a short time.

I’m in the middle of a 10 week transformational program and, if this is how I feel after just 5 weeks, I can’t wait to see how I feel when we are finished.

You have to be ready to let go and open up completely, Deb makes you feel safe and there is no judgment in her beautiful space.

She truly is an amazing woman and I feel blessed that I found her at Secrets.”


Jerusha Borbas xx

“I was sitting in my own rut. I felt stuck, nothing was going the way I wanted it to and I had exhausted everything to try and make changes. As usual I was perusing through google, looking for a quick fix on how to get better, make myself feel better. I came across Deb on a Linked In profile link after I had searched “personal mentor”– something interested me about her because she said it exactly how it is and it read exactly how it should be.

I added on Linked In and Facebook and it wasn’t until 6 months later that I decided to take the leap of faith and reach out to her – what had I to loose?

When I arranged a time to meet, I was nervous. I was seeing a shaman? A transformational life coach? Am I going above my head? I don’t think I am worth such a thing.

After my first session, I was in tears of joy and relief. It felt like I had finally connected with someone down to earth, grounded and who understood the journey I wanted to embark on. Someone who has travelled her own kind of journey herself and has only love to give back to the universe for it.

When I think of Deb, all I think of is love, strength, compassion and complete beauty of soul, mind, body and spirit. Deb has guided me with a gentle approach to help me understand my inner self, present self and my higher self. Every session I attended I was more than eager to get there, it felt right sitting there, talking, allowing whatever needed to come up and intuitively Deb supported me through each milestone of self realization. I always walked away with a sense of fulfillment and joy that I am capable of achieving a life of infinite possibilities, a testament to her vision statement.

There is hard work involved, it isn’t easy. Be prepared to get vulnerable with yourself. Allow yourself the space, time, and room to be vulnerable – rip everything out, sort, clean, file, reorder and return everything inline with your true journey. You don’t understand the opportunities that you can manifest from a willingness to learn about your self, your ability to control your state of mind and connect with your intuition, guides and a universal energy I have learnt that we are all individually a part of. There is a reason we do things, and react the way we do. Deb Macintyre guides you through learning these skills, and its real, and its addictive.

The personal changes I have noticed are obvious to myself, and those close to me. I am not the same person as I was 10 weeks ago, let alone 6 months ago, and Deb has taught me these gifts of continual human growth and change. You have the power. My perspective on life has grown to become grateful so I am fulfilled and content with the present, my career progression improved, my interpersonal relationships improved and manifestation of all things started to occur.

I cannot thank Deb Macintyre enough; from the bottom of my heart what you have given me is indescribable. I feel like I have been allowed to be reborn and given the gift of self-reassurance that I are worthy and capable of anything I choose to do or be, we are our own shaman. Every time I think about what she has given me I fill up with so much joy and happiness I cry tears of love!

Please trust and love yourself enough to reach out to her and create this kind of beauty in your life. I want everyone to experience what Deb teaches you.”

Kirsty M

“Just wanted to tell You how impressed I was last night. I've turned a corner to unpack the container.

It took me ages to get to sleep but I had the best sleep in a very very long time.

I'll talk to You more in My One on One but I'm very keen to jump in and break this - had a notion this would start.

Thank You - You are amazing!!”

Bass Tadros

Author & Hypnotherapist, East Perth

"Deb is authentic and has a heart of gold, she is happy to help clients with a nurturing and caring energy. She can facilitate healing energies that each of us poses internally and do this naturally for both men and women that are keen to open up.

Deb has an easy natural way of sharing and teaching even age old shamanic practises!

I absolutely have lots of love and respect for Deb and what she has to offer to our human family."