See how Deb’s guidance
has impacted the lives of
real people.

Tania B.

Perth WA.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Deb Macintyre for over 12 months and have taken several courses with her over this time. Deb is a spiritual leader, mentor and now someone I consider a friend. Her recent trip to India has taken Deb to a whole new level of mentorship and teachings and I recommend anyone looking for ‘spiritual’ connection to attend one of her workshops. You won’t be disappointed”.

Crystal H.

 Perth WA.

“I was extremely frustrated before I went to Deb. She helped me with strategies I could use to better my relationships with not just other people, but with myself. Very grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you - thank you”.

Keziah F.

Perth WA

“When I first met Deb it was as if we had known each other forever. Deb’s warmth, her heart and her love for people shines through so brightly.

Deb is a wealth of knowledge and her experience in areas of business, holistic health and wellness and life in general make her so fantastic to work with.

Deb is always willing to help people who come across her path, no matter what, and this is what makes her different to others. No task is too hard, too big or too small. She has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul.

Deb has helped me personally think bigger and work toward my passion, given me the extra support and love which I will forever be grateful for.

I am so excited for what Deb has installed in her workshops and coaching because I know that whoever goes to them will get so much out of it and Deb will help you grow into a bigger, better you.”.

Shelley F.

Perth WA

“Whether you want to transform your life or are simply wanting to be the best version of yourself you can be, you will be inspired by Deb Macintyre. Having overcome challenges in her own life, Deb thrives on helping others to achieve balance, harmony and the realisation of ones own power within. Deb has a gift that gently guides you towards confidence, clarity, authenticity and finding your personal power. Deb offers you safe place to heal and helps you to reconnect with yourself and find your own path of conscious living”.

Dixie H.


"When I first met Deb I knew there was something this woman was going to help and guide me with but I didn't know exactly what it was.

After a few more meetings and a one on one catch up I gained some knowledge into what she was doing and her vision and how she was impacting many different women from all walks of life. So when she told me about her workshop without hesitation I knew it was something I had to do.

The week before I had a family tragedy and to be very honest the morning of it I wasn’t sure I was going to go. I was in such a dark place emotionally I couldn’t see the light. My husband was the one who pushed me to attend and I am so grateful he did.
The workshop was exactly where I needed to be and at exactly the right time. The atmosphere and environment felt so safe and cozy and the different women sitting around had this inner strength and calmness about them that words can’t even explain.

As the workshop went on I learnt so much about my self and the other woman around the room, we cried together we meditated together we shared our deepest darkest fears, cried some more and released a dominate limiting belief together all under the safe gaze and love and light that Deb shined on us.

Deb the space you have created to make for us to really drop the guard and be completely vulnerable and naked (not literally people) is so incredible and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot wait to see what the next workshop brings up whilst being in the presence of my sisters to shed my fears, gain more insights into my self and leaning on each other to learn and grow”.

Tracey R.


"Deb's workshop last week was amazing. I had no expectations and when I arrived there was an atmosphere and energy of warmth, friendship and safety.
We were able to connect with an awesome group of women and share things that i never expected. When I left I felt, calm, relaxed and energised. If there's one thing you can do to help yourself feel awesome this month, get to Deb's workshop - it really is amazing!"

Robyn H.


"I came to Deb's workshop last Wednesday. It was a fabulous night. Very welcoming. A beautiful mixed group of ladies. Deb is a warm, genuine and authentic facilitator. I came home feeling empowered and with lots to think about. Deb is passionate about what she does and is amazing at how she does it".

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