Join the Shaman’s Membership Program



Spiritual Mentoring
Online Program

Investment – $490.00. Group mentoring program delivered via online methods, which makes this program accessible to clients anywhere in the world. This program is ideal for people preferring to work at their own pace and within a group environment.

Zoom and recorded for you to access at any time in a private Facebook group. Tasks and projects may be assigned, some with accountability partners.

This program will provide you with access to:

  • Webinars and video courses which will outline teachings to assist you in your daily life. These Sessions will help you to create, design and shape a life of infinite possibilities.
  • In depth specialty tutorials comprised of diverse topics taken from the ancient practices and processes of Shamanism. Learning objectives are achieved by incorporating the teachings into a consistent practice.
  • Meditation practices
  • Visualisation Meditations – These videos are 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes in length. They allow you to breathe and refocus. Allowing yourself to be present and interrupt any chaos or stress you are currently experiencing.
  • Shamanic Journey Practices with sacred sound frequency music
  • Mantras and Reflection Practices
  • Practice Activities
  • Yoga & Body Movement Practices
  • The Shaman’s Forum with topics open for discussion between Deb and other group members
  • Ayurveda Recipes with downloadable copy

An individual one on one connection call session with Deb is available to all participants each month. This program allows you to grow and evolve with the support of a group of likeminded individuals. Join the Shaman in creating and connecting you to your tribe.