In Shamanism, the Stag represents masculinity and dominance in all its forms. The Stag has appeared in cave paintings from the Paleolithic era.

This totem animal exhibits power, ancestry, primal energy and strength. The spirit of the Stag has been called on since the dawn of man. It has been hunted for its meat, pelt and antlers; revered in ceremony, ritual and war.

Ownership has been taken by tribes as part of their totem and folklore. The Stag has played a key role in mythology, religion and literature. It has appeared on various coats of arms through the ages.

The Stag is the male deer. Shedding and moulting happens twice a year in spring for summer and autumn for winter.

If the Stag is one of your totem animals celebrating life and creating change would be beneficial as part of a seasonal ritual practice.

Spring brings forth rebirth, growth and change. Autumn prepares us for the change of seasons to winter, healing and letting go of past experiences and memories.

If you have the Stag in your life you like social order and are alien to change.

The Stag does not take things personally, barbs and challenges are accepted. They have great problem solving skills.

Stags love to be the centre of attention. They must always feel included and do not like missing out on anything.

The Stag is protective of their own especially in relationships. They have great insight and analytical skills.

The Stag is your ancestral warrior.