Spirit Guide Owl is an omnipresent and wise being. Guided by our ancestors and spirit guides. Language and connection of the ancients. Magic, mystic and Shamanistic rituals.

The Owl is an observer, ever watching. A keen eye that can see through the layers of the primordial self into the heart and soul of our being. You cannot hide from the Owl. The Owl sees all and knows all.

As your spirit guide, the Owl can help you in defining your path and creating your purpose. Providing you with foresight, knowledge and perception. A spirit guide to assist you in seeing and experiencing things outside the normal realm of possibilities in the physical realm.

The Owl can support you in your understanding of boundaries. It has the power to hear sounds, which is said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity.

The ability to communicate with those who have passed over into the spirit realm.

While everything around is chaotic the Owl is calm and unflappable.

The Owl watches first and then acts.

They are always working towards providing for themselves and their family. They stay close to home, preferring their own company.

The Owl keeps friends and close relationships relatively superficial so as to protect themselves from anyone getting too close. They can be secretive and wear different masks for family, friends and work acquaintances. The Owl holds onto grievances and finds it hard to let go. They are frugal and cautious and are interested in relationships that benefit them.

The Owl is more active at night. Daytime especially early morning activities can be problematic.

If you have the Owl has your spirit guide, there is an opportunity for deep transformational change. Acknowledging these characteristics as they are revealed to you, will allow for healing at a deep primal elemental level.