The fundamental belief of Shamanism is our connection to spirit, the spirit realm, our ancestors and nature’s universal consciousness.

The word ‘Spirit’ can conjure up a multitude of diverse emotions and interpretations. In some traditional religious teachings the word ‘Spirit’ has a negative mantle, other than the Holy Spirit. I have been asked many times, ‘does spirit mean entities?’ ‘Aren’t spirits evil/negative/bad?’

Spirits are beings that have passed over into another reality, the spiritual realm.

We ourselves, are essential spirit beings living in this physical dimension.

Our first breath births us into our physical existence. Our final breath is a conduit for us to transcend our body, leaving our physical state and trans-morph back into our essential spiritual essence.

Spirit beings are our guides, ancestors, enlightened masters and teachers, deities, angels, nature spirits, elemental spirits to name a few.

We connect to spirit beings through breathwork, meditation, Shamanic journeying, speaking in tongues, dreams and many other Shamanic practices.

Fear comes from a limited knowledge or a lack of understanding of a particular teaching or practice.

There are many times people regurgitate what somebody else has told them, without first experiencing their own truth and forming their own belief.

In all Shamanic practices and teachings connect with the inner guide within.

When connecting with the spirit realm we offer up a protection prayer to our spirit guides and ancestors to keep us protected and safe as we journey into another realm or an other-worldly reality.

It is important to set boundaries and a clear and concise intention when working with spirit. This will assist you when seeking guidance and direction in relation to a particular intention.

Our connection to spirit and the spirit realm grants us access to knowledge and wisdom from the ancients and our ancestors.

We are able to speak and commune with those enlightened masters and teachers that no longer walk the physical plain.

We can seek instruction, guidance and protection from deities, angels and spirit guides.

Our existential spiritual self is a cornerstone of our physical self. When we are disconnected from the spirit part of self we rely on the conscious part of self to lead, guide, direct and make decisions. Without the balance of the spiritual self and our intuitive being you may experience the feeling of crossroads in your life or disassociation from your true being.

Spirit balances the physical.

The spirit realm is an open doorway to know and understand that there is so much more than the physical existence we experience. Spirit provides us with the tools to create a life of infinite possibilities while gaining a deeper understanding of self.