Soul loss occurs when we have experienced a physical, mental or emotional crisis and become┬ádisassociated from one’s self. Perhaps there has been a time when you have felt that you were not fully in your body or you have felt that there is a part of you that is missing? Soul loss can be carried into this current life from past lives and via your DNA from generational ancestral trauma.

When we have suffered any form of trauma in this life or in past lives our soul fractures. A deep wound within the soul bears testament to this pain.

The fractured part of the soul flees to a place of safety within the spiritual realm.

The Shaman in a meditative trance, travels with the consent of the person who wishes to reclaim this piece of their soul, into the non-dimensional reality to retrieve the missing fragment.

When the part of the soul returns that has been split from the whole, it re-enters and joins at the moment the trauma occurred, reconnecting to the pain that existed when it fractured.

As the Shaman, Deb enters into this altered state of consciousness and travels into the non-ordinary reality, to retrieve the missing part of one’s soul. This ancient Shamanic practice is known as Soul Retrieval.

Soul retrieval is a powerful Shamanic practice. When used effectively it allows for healing at a deep, basic, primal, elemental level.

Soul retrieval is the process of being guided by spirit into the non-ordinary reality, seeking and locating the missing part of one’s soul; communicating, encouraging and retrieving the missing part; bringing it together and rejoining it with the whole.

On locating the missing part the Shaman on behalf of the person acknowledges the former pain and brings the soul back into this physical realm by blowing the missing part back into the person’s body through their heart or head. This is a very powerful practice. You are guided through each stage. A safe space is held for you to connect and heal. This is the journey towards restoration, renewal, rebirth and self-discovery.

This creates the opportunity for deep soul healing to take place.

It is best you are guided through this process. If you choose to undertake your own soul retrieval it is possible via a Shamanic Journey.