This is the next level in our Shaman’s Journey of analysis and introspection.  Providing an understanding of sound vibrations and how they support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

At the completion of the Shaman’s Journey (Level 3) with Deb Macintyre you will have gained practical knowledge into the ancient teachings of Shamanism and sound alchemy. By completing the practice activities you will experience a deep transformation and connection to your true self, the spirit within and your voice. This course is for you. Join an ancestral Shaman as she takes you on a spiritual path that will open the gateway to a deeper connection of self and your authentic truth.

Follow Deb through this 10 week online course. Learn how Shamanism and finding your unique sound can assist you in a deeper spiritual practice.

This course will cover:

  • An Understanding of Sound Alchemy
  • The Body is an Instrument
  • Finding Your Unique Sound
  • Sound Alchemy and Your Intuitive Self
  • Mantras, Chanting and Prayers
  • Singing in Tongues
  • The Practice of Silence
  • Sacred Sound Solfeggio Scale
  • Activate the 21 Minor Chakras in the Body
  • Trance Work Alchemy