The ancient practices and processes of Shamanism predate Ayurveda. Both these teachings are intrinsically linked. From Shamanism Ayurveda is birthed.

Spirituality, the connection to nature, astrology, the elements, sound therapy, plant medicine, animal medicine, minerals and gems, the balance within self: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually are all essential to the teachings and practices of Shamanism and Ayurveda.

Shamanism is the earliest belief know to man. Our ancestors, primal man and woman would have discovered their connection to the universal cosmos and all that spirit had to offer through their every day survival. They needed to know which plants were available throughout the seasons, which animals to hunt where and when. They were lead and guided by their understanding of the stars and travelled by the direction of the sun.

Shamanism and its teachings over time were birthed into various beliefs, customs and cultural philosophy. Taken and derived from primal ancient teachings and transmuted into a belief, a method, a procedure encompassing the current traditions and their cultural and spiritual beliefs.

Shamanism has been prevalent in every culture on this planet. Birthed into Paganism, Druidism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedic philosophy to name a few.

Ayurveda is the science of life. Many scholars believe these teachings have existed for over 5,500 years.

In Shamanism we call on and commune with the nature spirits. We pray, give thanks and are open to their wisdom and knowledge. We respect and honour Mother Nature, her Plant Medicine and Animal Medicine. We are guided and use her yield sparingly, when needed and under the guidance of spirit and our ancestors.

In Ayurveda we call on Lord Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurveda.

Salutation to the Ayurveda god
Salutation to Lord Dhanvantari
He came out of the chaos to bring us the nectar of life
This is the knowledge of life .. Ayurveda

Before considering to take a part of a plant to use for medicine, a tincture, potion or cooking first offer Puja. Puja is a ceremonial offering to the spirit which resides in the plant. This ceremony is conducted the evening before you want to remove the plant or a part of the plant.

Puja Ceremony
Make a circle of uncooked rice, turmeric and cumin.

Call in the spirit of the plant and asking for permission to remove a part of the plant, or move the whole plant the following day.

Curcurmin (turmeric and cumin) gives the insects time to leave the plant and find a new home before the plant is uprooted.

Give gifts of sweet goodness.

When picking plants do so before sunrise. Avoid touching plants in the evening as it is their time to sleep. Do not pick flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables during this time.

There are different dimensions of plants in Mother Nature. Some are warrior plants and others are soft and gentle.

Soma plants are soft in nature and have special medicinal healing qualities.

In Ayurveda we believe that Soma plants help us to transcend the physical state into a more blissful deeply spiritual understanding.

Some plants are protectors of the forest. They are the ‘harsh’ plants, the warriors.

These plants that have thorns and must be invited to share their medicinal secrets.

They know how to inflict pain in people who have ego (the egoic mind).

When you want to fight an illness or inflammation in the body you use these plants. You must pay them respect.

These plants are normally accompanied by a ‘softer’ plant that counteracts and co-exists with them.

In Ayurveda we know that all plants are protected by the goddesses: Sarawasti, Laksmi, Bhuvaneshwari (Parvati), Kali.

The goddess mantra is: Shreem, Hreem, Kleem.

Sarawasti & Laksmi (Shreem)
Bhuvaneshwari (Parvati) (Hreem)
Kali (Durga) (Kleem)

If you want to make medicine first empower the mantra that you are using. So when you make the medicine you focus on the medicine not on the mantra. Setting the intention …

One syllable mantras or can be used by repeating all three simultaneously. Each word calls in a specific form of goddess energy: ‘Shreem Hreem Kleem’.

The biji mantra or seed sound for ‘Shreem’ calls in Sarawasti the goddess of knowledge and wisdom and Lakshmi the goddess of abundance and prosperity.

‘Hreem’ connects us to Bhuvaneshwari (Parvati) the goddess of divine feminine energy (Shakti) and promotes health, inspiration and grace.

‘Kleem’ brings in and assimilates within us the power of Kali (Durga). A powerful mantra its strength is in attraction, manifesting and uniting.

Shreem Shreem Shreem …
Hreem Hreem Hreem …
Kleem Kleem Kleem …

The science of life, the science of age is Ayurveda. Age is a combination of body mind senses and soul all together at the same time in the same space. Ayurveda is the science for those who age.

Mind will see
Senses will feel
Soul will experience

‘Body is the medium to which anything can be attained’.