Sacred frequencies emanate from the origin of the universal consciousness; together with the spirituality of Mother Nature, the elements, planets and other beings. All that we connect to spiritually and esoterically are birthed from the Divine. Every sacred frequency forms part of our social consciousness. We receive and interact with these sacred frequencies in every emotional state whether it be anger, despair, envy, love, joy or happiness. These are the vibrations that surround us and are essential within our very being.

The vibrations that you feel, sense, hear; connect you to the divine, nature, deities, spirit guides and your ancestors. These sacred frequencies are a conduit for messages and journeys from the past. Connecting us to places, rituals, ceremonies that our ancestors embodied. These sacred frequencies are conduits to a time well before; a time when giants, the ancients, our primal ancestors walked this earth. The teachings, messages, knowledge and wisdom travel through the vibrations in the wind, the beat of Mother Earth’s heart, in the flow of the water. These are the oscillations, pulses and ripples that surround us daily.

Sonic medicine provides a remedy for the chaos that surrounds us daily. It is a balm, an elixir infused with the sacred frequencies that have been around since beings came to be in this Universe. The whistle in the wind, the coolness of the air against our skin, the call of nature. These sacred vibrations and sound frequencies are found throughout the space continuum. NASA has recorded vibrational frequencies from the sun, moon, earth and various planets. This is fact. This is science. This is real.

Sonic medicine intersperses with the sensory part of self. It is tactile, sensual, auditory, visual, discernible, olfactory, gustative, receptive and perceptive; arousing and energising our nerve organs and neural pathways.

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you hear an uplifting song? Or how your emotions are triggered when listening to certain music tracks? The vibrations in the music or the harmony and resonance in the breeze can trigger memories and, create a feeling of connection to the universal consciousness, to Mother Nature, to other beings.

We know there is more than the physical state that we live in. Sacred frequency sonic medicine connects you deeply to your inner voice, the intimate rhythm within; that individual part of self and brings it to the surface uniting with the divine to create a space for deep healing and journeying.

The Sacred Frequency Sonic Medicine Sessions are unique in their design. The sound frequencies for each session are in accordance with astrological patterns and world events. They are a deep listening sound journey designed for healing and release. The intention is to target the energy centres within your body to help facilitate a space for deep-seated connection and infinite exploration.

The purpose of these sessions are to give close attention to areas in the body mind spectrum, specifically blocked energy centres within the body and neural pathways (brain waves); to help restore health and balance for the entire body mind complex; improving mental, emotional and physical wellness for people of all ages. This is achieved through the use of frequency minded music that is composed using chakra frequencies, planetary frequencies, Schumann resonances and the Solfeggio frequencies.

The intention of each one of these sessions is to help facilitate a more balanced and relaxed state. This will in turn help your body reach a state of homeostasis in order to heal, release and recover from physical, mental and emotional conditions.