Ceremonial cacao is 100% cacao made from roasted and ground whole shelled cacao beans. It refers to the grade of the cacao and is evaluated according to the ethical sourcing of the bean and the journey it has taken from seed to bean to you.

Ceremonial cacao also refers to the sustainability, social and environmental practices which contribute to the final grade of the product.

This is cacao in its purest form, heirloom criollo nativo cacao (cacao chuncho) from Peru. The whole bean grounded nothing else added.

This is ancient sacred plant medicine. There are many benefits from partaking in ceremonial cacao. It is an ancient plant source used in ceremony and ritual.

Consumed in ceremony and ritual, ceremonial cacao opens the doorway to a deeper connection to your ancestors and the ancients. It opens the third eye and awakens the spirit being. It initiates the space to transcend and journey to other spirit realms. It is a gift from Mother Earth so to is grounding, anchoring and connecting you to her primal, tribal energy.

Ceremonial Cacao is a high energy vibration standard. Drink with respect and intention.

Here is my preparation method:

Break off 20g of Ceremonial Cacao into a mortar and pestle
For a deeper journey use 50g
Grind into a powder
Boil 250ml water on stovetop (amount of water depends on the strength of taste you are after)
Add Ceremonial Cacao
Stir until dissolved
Pour into a handmade bowl or cup
Close your eyes
Hold the bowl or cup near your face
Give thanks to Mother Earth and the ancestors
Give thanks to the energy within the Ceremonial Cacao visualising its growth and journey from seed to bean to you
Set a clear intention for your Journey
Drink slowly
Once consumed open yourself up to a deep spiritual awakening

This is a powerful sacred practice.