The Tigress is the symbol of the new moon. The energy for each new moon lasts for two weeks. The new moon is about relationships. Relationship with self and with others. 

Like the full moon, the new moon occurs every month. The new moon signals a time to release and renew, to start new projects, allowing self to let go of any past hurts and taking the next step in your journey. I visualise it like that line in the sand, you step over into virgin, unchartered waters to start anew. I love that! Think of the new moon as the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next phase in your life.

The moon and the sun are two most powerful bodies in astrology. So imagine the power the two of them bring when they join together in this cycle. 

The new moon calls us to align with our true intuitive self and for healing of the heart space. Healing past trauma and allowing for a deeper connection to our emotional sensitive side. Taking time to nurture and honour self. Drawing on our creative energy to perpetuate balance in our lives. We are called to be present. To reconnect to that force within us that unites our unconscious self with our consciousness self. Allowing for intuition, romance, inner strength, truth and identity.

The moon emits feminine energy as the sun dispenses masculine energy. The weeks prior to the new moon entering our orbit the feminine energy was packing a huge punch. Have you been feeling imbalanced, disconnected, or confused? Felt like you were going through the ‘wringer’? Has your life over the last couple of weeks felt tumultuous?

The energy emanating around us has been heightened to fever pitch leading into this new moon. Be consistent and clear with your communication whether it be verbally or in writing. Embrace the changing conditions around you that you have no control over. Practice patience in all things. Seize new opportunities when they are presented. Checking in with spirit first. Continue to be present and focus on each task individually. 

This connection coupled with our own energy may have resulted in some interesting side effects. If you were wondering what was going on in your life over the last couple of weeks, you can know that it was not of your own doing. The energy around us was literally crazy!

This new moon is calling for balance in all areas of our lives, emotionally, physically including health and wellbeing, personal and business relationships and a call for a deeper self commitment. You might have felt a ‘thank god that’s over moment’ this week. As the moon’s energy has aligned itself with the sun and the energy surrounding the earth, we have now returned to a more balanced place energetically. Together with the new moon, the sun’s power brings about resolution to any issues that have been bubbling under the surface for some time. Allowing for a clear conclusive outcome.

In Shamanic tradition, the Tigress represents the darkness and the new moon. We understand that the darkness is the journey we must go though before the new moon enters into our stratosphere. The tigress possesses lunar magic and is a sister to the moon. Now is your time to release this powerful, carefree spirit animal within you.

The Tigress defines feminine energy, she is a nurturing, caring, protective, powerful, energetic, disciplined, focused. Embrace her fundamental characteristics as you embrace this new moon.