Discovering the Light in Times of Uncertainty

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Friday 15 May 2020 at 6pm AWST


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While it is easy to see our new world as chaotic and unsettling – it is also providing us with a unique opportunity for self-discovery and reflection. It is completely natural to feel overwhelmed and we are all experiencing heightened emotions as we navigate this new normal. It is a challenging time and if you are struggling – I want you to know that I understand.

And I want to help.

I have put together this live online event for people just like you – and me – who are needing to draw upon our inner strength more than ever. In just one hour I will teach you the Shamanic practices I incorporate into my life each day; practices that allow me to see perspective, find clarity, solace and peace. When I started implementing these practices and took a step back from the chaos the energy changed, and new opportunities were presented to me. It has been truly transformative.

This live online event is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to Shamanic healing or more experienced, you will gain skills that have the power to change how you live each day.

I look forward to sharing this very sacred space of healing with you.

This live online event will teach you:

  Shamanic Breathwork specifically a practice for calmness and stillness of the mind;

  Shamanic Visualisation for refocussing and centering, guiding you into the present moment;

  Shamanic Introspection, a practice for opening and healing the heart self;

  Shamanic Wisdom, Mantras and Affirmations.

The live online event will start with a guided meditation tailored to today’s climate, opening ourself up to spirit to lead and guide us and reveal any individual messages. At the conclusion of the webinar I will guide you on a Shamanic Journey connecting to the Great Spirit, spirit guides, ancestors and the healing elements.  


  •  A quiet comfortable place to listen to the modules and complete the activities
  • Headphones
  • PC or tablet/smart phone
  • A bolster, pillow & blanket
  • Water – keep hydrated during and after the course
  • A journal and pen
  • Internet access
  • Time to process



  • Live Online one hour Event
  • Downloadable music track (sent post webinar)
  • Printable Mantra (sent post webinar)

About Deb

Deb Macintyre is a Shaman by birth. This ancient spiritual practice was taught lovingly to her through her matriarchal line, specifically her Grandmother, a Nepalese Shaman from royal lineage.

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