This course will take you on the journey to becoming the Shaman. The six-part journey will be taken a step at a time, in a structured, personalised way.


Level one:

Awaken the Shaman Within

Awaken the Shaman Within is for anyone who is searching for a deeper, authentic, primal connection to their true self. This course is designed for those who feel disconnected spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and will to teach you how to invoke the Shaman within to help you live a more balanced life.

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Level Two:

Shamanism & Your Primal Self

In this course we will be delving deeper into the Shaman’s teachings on mysticism, intuition and disruption techniques. Allowing yourself to be the open conduit, learn how to connect to the medium within and channel messages from the spirit world into this physical realm.

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Level Three:

Sound Alchemist

Level 3 will introduce you to the ancient teachings of sound alchemy. This course is a deep exploration within self and will connect you to your unique sound and vibrational frequency. You will learn how to apply these sacred frequencies to activate the 72,000 energy channels within the body. This level will acquaint you with sound healing and develop a deeper connection to your intuitive self.

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Level Four:

Tribal Elder

In this course you will step through the spiritual gateway to connect to the spirit of an ancient tribal elder. This Level’s teachings include shadow work, dream-walking and remote healing processes. Further specialised teachings include an introduction to developing your sight as a seer. Your knowledge and learnings from Levels 1-3 will be applied through practical application.

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Level Five:

Be the Shaman

This is a five-day intensive intrusion into the life of a Shaman and a consolidation of the previous four levels. You will also receive further teachings on past life regression and the various states of consciousness. Deb will be sharing symbols, signs and movement expressions from her ancestral Shamanic line. You will experience and participate in a water cleansing ritual, Tibetan singing bowl ceremony and fire ceremony. You will also be introduced to a sweat lodge, teepee prayer and healing ceremony. Additionally, Deb will share her business experience and learnings to assist you in setting up your own practice.

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Level Six:

The Ancient Connection

This is an annual retreat for practitioners of Shamanism who have completed the Level 1-5 Shaman’s Journey course with Deb Macintyre. This is a five-day retreat where you will be provided with ongoing teachings to integrate into your practice as a Shaman. Attendance at this retreat is a requirement to keep your registration and certification current.

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About Deb

Deb Macintyre is a Shaman by birth. This ancient spiritual practice was taught lovingly to her through her matriarchal line, specifically her Grandmother, a Nepalese Shaman from royal lineage.

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