Healing Your Soul

Soul loss occurs when we have suffered trauma in our life; we become disassociated from one's self. Perhaps there has been a time when you have felt that you were not fully in your body or you have felt that there is a part of you that is missing? As the Shaman, Deb enters an altered state of consciousness and travels into a non-ordinary reality, to retrieve the missing part of one's soul. This ancient Shamanic practice is known as Soul Retrieval. You will be guided through each stage. A safe space will be held for you to connect and heal. Join the Shaman in this journey towards restoration and self-discovery.

Deb's workshops are interactive. Practice activities go hand in hand with the teachings you will be receiving on the night. You will have the opportunity to participate in a Shamanic Journey. A Shamanic Journey is a deep transformational meditative experience, which opens the doorway to the three spiritual realms. Where you can receive healing, guidance, direction, clarity and answers that you are seeking. Experience how the ancient practice of Shamanism can heal, transform and transcend. Featuring the Frequency Mind Music of Listening to Smile.

After the event you will receive these bonus items:
· Five Printable Practices
· The 3 Stages of a Shamanic Journey eBook
· 30 minute consultation with Deb
· You will also receive an invitation to join the Shaman's Tribe closed Facebook group to receive further ongoing teachings and practices.

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"Timing is a beautiful thing, is it not? I've been to a few of Deb's workshops now, both of which were ever so powerful, moving and intense yet all were held in a gentle and safe space, so gracefully. Through these experiences and a not so subtle ancestral nudge, I've chosen Deb to be my shamanic/spiritual mentor. It may have taken a wee while for me to shift a few things and make it happen, but it now is underway. Nevermind the depth of Deb's ancestral Shamanic knowledge... I trust Deb, I love her humour, patience and genuine approach. No matter if you are at the start of your spiritual journey, or if you are ready to further delve, disrupt patterns and lift the lid so to speak, I highly recommend Deb to hold sacred space, challenge and and help you journey as far and deep as you are willing to allow..." - Michelle JM. WA
  • Tuesday 9th March 2021 : COTTESLOE
  • 6.30pm – 9.00pm
  • A$99
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Delve Into Past Lives

Past life regression is a powerful Shamanic practice. It is an explorative odyssey towards understanding and revelation. We will traverse through the open gateway into the spiritual realm freely and unhindered, trusting and believing in our spirit guides and ancestors. In this journey you will be guided to a place of deep healing and discovery. Join the Shaman as she takes you on a quest navigating your past lives.
  • Tuesday 11th May 2021 : COTTESLOE
  • 6.30PM - 9.00PM
  • A$99
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Dreamwalking With Your Ancestors

Dreams give us an open conduit to connect to our ancestors when we sleep. We surrender the conscious mind and enter a deep liaison with the spirit realm, freely and unhindered, without any resistance. As the Shaman, I am a Dreamwalker. I journey to this non-ordinary reality to walk and commune with my ancestors. I retrieve messages and guidance from this unseen world and convey them onto this physical plane. You to have access to this gift. Allow the Shaman to guide you in this dream state through a deep form of meditation known as a Shamanic Journey, where you can have an open and clear passage to walk with your ancestors.
  • Tuesday 13th July 2021 : Cottesloe
  • 6.30PM - 9.00PM
  • A$99
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Inner Child Healing

When our patterns are disrupted, or we are confronted; maybe our belief system has been triggered or we experience resistance…We suppress the emotion that is bubbling up to the surface and push it to one side. Over time the feelings that are echoing from our inner child, develop into a deep chasm of pain. The feeling of being unloved and unheard reverberates through our whole being and patterns into the fear of not being enough. That illusion, that lie, an untruth borne from our own need for approval and belonging. When we feel we are being pushed, our inner child surfaces. We manifest these emotions as fear. If we continually place one emotion on top of the other, all our fears, anxieties, and illusion eventually your inner child will not be able to handle it anymore. This results in ‘breakdowns’, confusion, and not knowing who we really are. Join the Shaman in this intensive workshop as she takes you on a journey of healing and self discovery.
  • Tuesday 14th September 2021 : Cottesloe
  • 6.30PM - 9.00PM
  • A$99
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About Deb

Deb Macintyre is a Shaman by birth. This ancient spiritual practice was taught lovingly to her through her matriarchal line, specifically her Grandmother, a Nepalese Shaman from royal lineage.

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