21ST – 25TH JULY 2022
To escape from the every day…

Immersing yourself in the culture and healing waters of Ubud, Bali, …

I believe EVERY WOMAN has the right to be informed about the reality of her own truth, her identity and her primal self.

I believe EVERY WOMAN deserves to be grounded in a deep-seated spiritual connection to the sacred feminine and her real self.

I believe EVERY WOMAN is self-less when she takes time out to heal, renew and replenish.

I believe EVERY WOMAN should be given the opportunity to reconnect to the warrior woman within and her intuitive Shamanic self to feel truly whole.

I believe that EVERY WOMAN is not defined by her job, her family, her children or her relationships.

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Join Shaman, Deb Macintyre as she guides you through a 5 day pilgrimage. Discovering and unearthing the warrior woman within. You will experience rejuvenation, healing, transformation, rebirth and awakening at a deep elemental level through the ancient teachings of Shamanism. Come and join us in an escape from the everyday, immersing yourself in the culture and healing waters of Ubud, Bali.

Payment plans available, additional fees apply.

Arrival Date – 20th July 2022

Retreat – 21st-25th July 2022

Departure – 26th July 2022

Bali, Indonesia

What's on offer:

  • An initiation into ancient, primal, tribal Shamanic teachings
  • Deep release and cleansing water ceremony
  • Rebirth Ritual
  • Shamanic rituals invoking the primal warrior woman within
  • Conversing with the spirit world
  • Soul retrieval
  • An introduction to chanting and speaking in tongues
  • Ceremony calling in primal, ancestral women
  • The intuitive Shamanic self
  • Disrupting patterns
  • Teachings and processes on the sexual, sensual woman
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Inner child healing
  • Shamanic breathwork
  • Kundalini process and activation
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Daily movement practice

Also Included:

  • Single Deluxe Raja rooms with ensuite. Elevated to capture the spiritually-charged ambience of where two mystical rivers unite, the Deluxe Raja Room personifies Bali and its delightful allure. It has an expanse of glass windows and a private terrace overlooking a lush Ubud landscape of native greenery.
  • Buffet breakfast daily
  • Balinese lunch (21st-25th July)
  • Balinese dinner (21st-25th)
  • Filtered bottled water provided in all rooms
  • Learn to cook Traditional Balinese meal followed by lunch.
  • 60 minute aromatic oil massage therapy which soothes and stimulates, stretches and re-aligns both body and spirit.
  • 60 minute direct contact massage, from head to toe, providing overall body rejuvenation focusing on the breathing techniques essential to effective acupressure therapies.
  • One half day access to the lush river valley spa with a unique grotto decorated with Traditional stone carvings. Facilities include hot and cold whirlpool baths, a sauna and steam room.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access


Primal Woman Care Package includes:

  • The Shaman’s Practice Activity Cards
  • Loving Your Sexy Ass Self (E-Book) with practical tips and activities
  • The Shaman’s Daily Inspirational Journal
  • A traditional Balinese sarong
  • Monthly connection call sessions pre retreat
  • Teachings pre retreat delivered via email
  • Post retreat one on one spiritual mentoring session
  • Membership of online Facebook group, The Shaman’s Tribe

**Airfares & transfers not included.

About Deb

Deb Macintyre is a Shaman by birth. This ancient spiritual practice was taught lovingly to her through her matriarchal line, specifically her Grandmother, a Nepalese Shaman from royal lineage.

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