Primal Woman Retreat – Bali


A 5 day pilgrimage, discovering and unearthing the warrior woman within. You will experience rejuvenation, healing, transformation, rebirth and awakening at a deep elemental level through the ancient teachings of Shamanism. Come and join us in an escape from the everyday, immersing yourself in the culture and healing waters of Ubud, Bali.

Spiritual Mentoring

Coaching program

Create and cultivate a belief system that sustains you. As a Shaman, I bring multiple layers of self-knowledge as a pattern disrupter, piercing through preconditioning and past impressions, which restrict you from living an extraordinary life on your own terms.

Shamanic Spiritual Immersion Retreat

Spiritual Retreat

The Shamanic Spiritual Immersion Retreat is an immersion in an ancient spiritual practice that will help you to connect to that deeper part of self. This journey to your spiritual and personal revelation and healing will teach you how to invoke the Shaman within, enabling you to live a life of balance and infinite possibilities.

The Shaman’s Journey

Online Courses

This course is an introduction to the ancient practice and processes of Shamanism and how these primal teachings can assist you in your every day life.

The Shaman’s Circle

Live Online Event

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed, emotional, facing uncertainty amidst the current chaos that surrounds us daily. In this webinar you will learn daily Shamanic practices, including a guided meditation tailored to today's climate. Opening ourselves up to spirit will lead and guide us, and reveal any individual messages.

The Shaman’s Academy

The Shaman's Academy with Deb Macintyre® comprises of two distinct teaching levels. There are the five part Foundation Levels on Shamanism, and ten Advanced Practice levels on specific higher learning topics.

Shamanism & Ayurveda


An introduction to the ancient practice of Ayurveda and its beginnings as a life science over 5,000 years ago. This ancient life science has been practised throughout the evolution and development of man over 25,000 years ago as plant medicine, animal medicine, elemental medicine, astrology and originated as part of the teachings of Shamanism.

Shamanic Journey – Soul Flight

2 Hour live workshop

The Shamanic Journey - Soul Flight workshops are unique in their design. Each session is designed for deep healing and release. The intention is to target the energy centres within the body to help facilitate a space for deep-seated spiritual connection and infinite evolutionary transformation

Shamanic Journey – Soul Flight


Connect to the unseen world and the non-ordinary reality through Shamanic Journey - Soul Flight with Deb Macintyre®. Take a journey to connect with the Great Spirit, your spirit guides, ancestors, enlightened masters and teachers. Receive messages and teachings around healing, clarity, direction and purpose.