Primal Woman Retreat – Bali


A 7 day pilgrimage, discovering and unearthing the warrior woman within. You will experience rejuvenation, healing, transformation, rebirth and awakening at a deep elemental level through the ancient teachings of Shamanism. Come and join us in an escape from the everyday, immersing yourself in the culture and healing waters of Ubud, Bali.

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Soul Flight


Connect to the unseen world and the non-ordinary reality. Take a journey to connect with the Great Spirit, your spirit guides, ancestors, enlightened masters and teachers. Receive messages and teachings around healing, clarity, direction and purpose.

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Journey To Your Primal Self

2.5 Hour live workshop

Learn how to pierce through layers of pre-conditioning and step into alignment with your real truth.

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The Shaman’s Academy

Six-Part Course

This course will take you on the journey to becoming the Shaman. The six-part journey will be taken a step at a time, in a structured, personalised way.

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Shamanic Spiritual Immersion Retreat

Spiritual Retreat

The Shamanic Spiritual Immersion Retreat is an immersion in an ancient spiritual practice that will help you to connect to that deeper part of self. This journey to your spiritual and personal revelation and healing will teach you how to invoke the Shaman within, enabling you to live a life of balance and infinite possibilities.

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Spiritual Mentoring

Coaching program

Create and cultivate a belief system that sustains you. As a Shaman, I bring multiple layers of self-knowledge as a pattern disrupter, piercing through preconditioning and past impressions, which restrict you from living an extraordinary life on your own terms.

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