From ancient times a talisman was said to bring joy, happiness, abundance, protection and an inner reflection to your truth. In Shamanism we know that a talisman is in harmony with the spiritual energy of the wearer. It is a direct pathway to connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, the enlightened masters and teachers and the Great Spirit.

An amulet is worn for protection. Unless gifted to another by a Shaman, an amulet is not to be exchanged with another person. It is to be worn only by the original owner/wearer. In Shamanism we believe that an amulet contains mystical and magical properties that effect the wearer. Amulets are sacred ritualistic objects.

Deb acknowledges that each piece has been selected and designed by the direction of spirit. As a Shaman Deb understands the importance of the correct balance of properties and spiritual energy when creating these amulets and talismans.

The crystals and other properties selected are of the highest quality and have been derived from ethically sustainable sources.

Each crystal has been created using handmade tools. Some pieces like the Fluorite amulets have been chiselled by hand up to 300 times as is the process and the custom. These pieces have been handmade by local artisans from Rishikesh India.

Deb has personally blessed each amulet and talisman through ritual and ceremony.

*As crystals and other properties used in the Talismans and Amulets are naturally formed there will be slight ‘imperfections’ in the semi-precious, precious stones and other properties.’

***Prices inclusive of shipping within Australia only. For shipping rates outside Australia please contact us.

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About Deb

Deb Macintyre is a Shaman by birth. This ancient spiritual practice was taught lovingly to her through her matriarchal line, specifically her Grandmother, a Nepalese Shaman from royal lineage.

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