I truly am blessed beyond measure to be facilitating this woman’s only retreat in Ubud Bali in May 2021.

I know what it is like to be lost in self, not knowing who you really are. Struggling each day, going through the motions; stuck in a cycle of not being good enough, and one of exhaustion. Where you put everyone else first before even considering you. You get to a stage where you are too exhausted to care, and fall into a heap at the end of each day.

Perhaps you drink too much, eat too much or have some other addicted behaviour that you use for comfort or to escape. You are continually running on the hamster wheel getting nowhere. At the same time you are scared to step off or stop…”What if I stop and everything comes crashing down?” Waves of obligation and expectations surround you.


There is a way…

The Primal Woman Retreat will open up the doorway to freedom in your life. To allow a safe space for you to heal and step into speaking your truth. You will learn how to take back your power, trust your intuition; connect to your spirit guides and your ancestors to receive answers, clarity and direction. Whilst connecting to the primal, sensual, warrior woman within.

Know that YOU are the most important person in your life. YOU count. YOUR dreams count. What would it mean for you if you could live a life of your own choosing, your own reality? Instead of the illusion you have been surviving in?

Join the Shaman for the Primal Woman Retreat in this spiritual place in Ubud, Bali, where the healing waters and the forest meet. It is a space where you can let go and relax, be pampered and taken care of; feel nurtured, nourished and renewed. You will spend 7 days surrounded by nature, in this spiritual ancestral ancient land. Free from the distractions of the everyday. A time to reconnect and only focus on you. This is an opportunity for YOU…to step outside of your comfort zone and what you may consider to be the norm; to be vulnerable in the warm embrace of the sisterhood so you may heal.

Are you ready for real change in your life? I’m not talking about surface change…I’m talking about deep transformative evolutionary change. As the Shaman I will be guiding you in the ancient teachings of my ancestors, the matriarchal Shamanic woman from my tribe. Powerful, strong, primal, warrior Shamans. The teachings from my elders are powerful!

You will have free time to process and be. I have already prepared the space by calling in the spirit guides and ancestral spirits of the land. You will have an opportunity to embrace the culture of Bali through activities that are planned throughout the retreat.

Let this be YOUR time. Come and join me as we sit in ease and flow, raising awareness and growing in the evolution of our consciousness.

As the Shaman I will guide you to a place where you will learn what it means to be able to stand firm in your belief. Our daily mantra at the retreat will be ‘Trust and Believe’. Trust and believe in the infinite possibilities that are available to you in your life.

Isn’t this your time now?

Find out more about the upcoming Primal Woman Retreat HERE