We delve into our past lives when we are lead by spirit and our ancestors that there is a deep healing to be uncovered and rediscovered in a past life.

A past life is a space or time that we may have forgotten, albeit held in the unconscious and subconscious part of self.

When spirit awakens this hidden part of self, the knowledge and information provided can be overwhelming, with many questions being borne onto the surface.

Fear too is awakened into this unknown space.

When you are connected to spirit and at its direction, and of your ancestors there is nothing to fear.

If you have chosen and created this path from the logical part of self, the mind. It can reveal to you many things that you are not yet ready to see and receive.

Spirit and our ancestors know when the time is right to reveal a past life for healing and redemption.

Past life regression is a deep journey of healing, understanding and revelation. 

As we traverse through the open gateway into the spiritual realm freely and unhindered, trusting and believing in our spirit guides and ancestors. We are directed and lead on a path for deep inclusive healing. 

Past life regression is a powerful Shamanic practice.  This ancient tradition is one of healing and discovery.

There are times in our current lives when past impressions and stories are not of this life. 

We unearth this truth during a deep meditative process known as a Shamanic Journey or through a dialogue with a Shaman.

Spirit or your ancestors may reveal this past life to you. Or there can be an innate known belief within self that this pattern is not from this life. 

This ancient primal tribal practice is highly revered and valued by the Shaman. 

The Shaman is an open conduit through which spirit enacts this journey to another reality, a past reality, another dimension, a past dimension or an other non-worldly reality.

In a meditative state some people traverse all their past lives.  Spirit meets you where you are at. 

Sometimes connection to one past life is more than enough at any given time.  Remember all is connected to our current spiritual evolutionary growth.

When connecting to a past life you may arrive at that point of severe trauma or perhaps a violent death. It is at this time that a connection is made with the conclusion and closure of that past life, and a letting go of any pain and trauma.

This will create the space in your subconscious mind so that those memories and stories are not reciprocated in your present life.

There are also times when we arrive at a past life for knowledge and wisdom. To remember or bring back something that we may have forgotten.

Allow your spirit guides and ancestors to guide you without any expectation as to an outcome.

Shamanic healing rituals are powerful and effective processes that allow the release of past impressions stored in our subconscious mind. They permit the creation of new neural pathways, new memories and open the doorway for restoration and rebirth.