Who doesn’t love some sweetness in their life? I’m a sucker for something sweet now and then. As a vegan I have experimented and devised […]


OMG! What Do You Eat?

I am a vegan and proud of it. I have been asked to share some of my vegan recipes and thought it appropriate to title […]


Winter Wellness

It’s easy to get in the habit of letting what the sky is doing, determine our mindset and attitude for the day. In winter we […]


Affirmations You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

What are Affirmations? An Affirmation is a statement declaring what you already believe and know to be true. The dictionary also defines the word Affirmation […]


Meditate Here & Now

By Uttam Ghosh Many of us when we meditate are not awake in that moment of being present. Using the concept of being in the […]


My 5 Tips to Creating & Maintaining Personal & Business Relationships – Pt 2

My tips continued…


My 5 Tips to Creating & Maintaining Personal & Business Relationships – Pt 1

Relationships whether in business or personal are a myriad of emotions and experiences based on trust. We appreciate each other’s unique individual traits through understanding, […]


Re-Discover Your Voice And Stand Out From The Crowd

We all have at some time in our life experienced those moments where we find ourselves uncomfortable and unable to speak out in a group […]


Pushing Yourself Out of the Comfort Zone

As far as I can remember, I never wanted to stand out or draw attention to myself for fear of ridicule. Early on in my […]


Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

In the age of the socially conscious entrepreneur the topic of ‘ego’ is discussed often. The majority of my clients are CEO’s, business owners and […]