The Warrior Full Moon

Did you know the full moon this July is influenced by the planet Mars? Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and in Shamanic […]


How to Eliminate Archetypal Behaviour

What is an ‘Archetype’? An archetype can be defined as a pattern or behaviour that reveals itself over time. One that we continually copy or […]


3 Tips to Eliminate Comparison

3 Tips to Eliminate Comparison Do you compare yourself to others? How many times does the ‘I’m not good enough story’ play over and over […]


3 Tips to Happiness

Here are some words associated with happiness: Bliss Contentment Peace of mind Prosperity Enjoyment Exhilaration Joy Well-being Optimism Pleasure What do each of these words […]


The Logic Mind Vs The Intuitive Mind

I am often asked what is the difference between the logic mind and the intuitive mind? When I was researching the word ‘logic’, ‘reason’ or […]


A Little Taste of Morocco

A Little Taste of Morocco By Deb Macintyre This is one of my favourite salads. Yummy to boot and a complete meal in itself.  You […]


Rabbit Food+ Waldorf Salad

I love Rabbit food, if it consists of fruit and vegetables. I also eat nuts, seeds, legumes, chia seeds, and tofu. I have currently swapped […]


Loving Your Sexy Ass Self

Do you feel exhausted all the time? Mentally, emotionally and physically? Are you too busy pleasing and doing for everyone else, including your family that […]


Deceiving Dishes

Food is one of the most important external influences for raising your vibrations. Have you ever noticed how sluggish and lethargic your mind gets after […]



Who doesn’t love some sweetness in their life? I’m a sucker for something sweet now and then. As a vegan I have experimented and devised […]