Your Spirit Guide – The Crow

The crow has been misunderstood throughout the ages. At times its significance has been marred by ill-conceived beliefs and ideologies. The crow is a magnificent […]


Are You a Dreamwalker?

We live in a world of duality, of things seen and not seen. Remember those childlike qualities of imagination and magic. The ‘friends’ we played […]


An Ancient Food Source

Sabja, Tukmaria, Falooda, Chia You might not know this, the chia plant is actually a herb. It forms part of the Salvia family (sage, mint […]


Spirit Animals and Wisdom

A Shaman believes that spirit animals are our guides into the spirit world. They are protectors, wisdom gatherers and communicators of ancient knowledge. Have you […]


3 Top Tips To Keep Your Body Beautiful

When you look at yourself in the mirror what is the first thought that pops into your head? Are you comfortable in your own skin? […]


The Black Moon

To understand the significance of the black moon on 22nd August 2017 (Pacific time) we must first look at the lunar eclipse on 7th August […]


Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence is a powerful practice. We connect to that intuitive part of self believing that what is possible can be outside our current realm […]


The Warrior Full Moon

Did you know the full moon this July is influenced by the planet Mars? Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and in Shamanic […]


How to Eliminate Archetypal Behaviour

What is an ‘Archetype’? An archetype can be defined as a pattern or behaviour that reveals itself over time. One that we continually copy or […]


3 Tips to Eliminate Comparison

3 Tips to Eliminate Comparison Do you compare yourself to others? How many times does the ‘I’m not good enough story’ play over and over […]