Deceiving Dishes

Food is one of the most important external influences for raising your vibrations. Have you ever noticed how sluggish and lethargic your mind gets after […]



Who doesn’t love some sweetness in their life? I’m a sucker for something sweet now and then. As a vegan I have experimented and devised […]


Releasing The Tigress Within

The Tigress is the symbol of the new moon. The new moon in October was on the 19th/20th (northern/southern hemisphere). The energy for each new […]


OMG! What Do You Eat?

I am a vegan and proud of it. I have been asked to share some of my vegan recipes and thought it appropriate to title […]


Shiny Object Syndrome

You have an inexhaustible amount of ideas. One thing leads to another and before you know it you are on a completely different path and […]


Winter Wellness

It’s easy to get in the habit of letting what the sky is doing, determine our mindset and attitude for the day. In winter we […]


Affirmations You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

What are Affirmations? An Affirmation is a statement declaring what you already believe and know to be true. The dictionary also defines the word Affirmation […]


Meditate Here & Now

By Uttam Ghosh Many of us when we meditate are not awake in that moment of being present. Using the concept of being in the […]


My 5 Tips to Creating & Maintaining Personal & Business Relationships – Pt 2

My tips continued…


My 5 Tips to Creating & Maintaining Personal & Business Relationships – Pt 1

Relationships whether in business or personal are a myriad of emotions and experiences based on trust. We appreciate each other’s unique individual traits through understanding, […]