I Am Unique

With Guest Blogger, Jasmine Smith Within myself I hide who I am from the world not wanting to be seen not wanting to be criticised […]


The Wolf Moon

Today I am going to share with you about the astrological calendar of my ancestors. My Shamanic line runs deep through Tibet, Nepal and India. This […]


Sacred Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial cacao is 100% cacao made from roasted and ground whole shelled cacao beans. It refers to the grade of the cacao and is evaluated […]


Unconditional Love For Self

To be ‘unconditional’ is to be decisive, definite, explicit, genuine, thorough, whole, complete. If we incorporate these defining words when discussing the ‘unconditional love for […]


Past Life Regression

We delve into our past lives when we are lead by spirit and our ancestors that there is a deep healing to be uncovered and […]


Tea Ceremony

Tea as we refer to it now has undergone many transformations from the original tea plant, an evergreen shrub grown in East Asia and China […]


The Panther

In Shamanism the Panther represents a dual personality, a chameleon, a changeling, a shape shifter. An ancient mystic behest with wisdom and knowledge that can […]


Trusting Yourself

By Guest Blogger, Tracey Neller As I write this, my mind is saying ‘Oh Spirit, what a sense of humour, you have.’ You’re asking me […]


The Full Moon

Energies shifting, emotional, depleted Closure The end of one cycle Release Creating space for the next rebirth Full moon energy is heightened within all beings. […]


The Lion and The Lioness

From ancient times the lion has been the embodiment of strength and raw power. In Shamanism, the lion symbolises a guardian and protector. By nature, […]