Shamanic Smoking Ceremony

Steeped in mysticism and ancient ritual the Shamanic Smoking Ceremony was birthed through the emergence of fire and man’s desire to connect to the spirit […]


Having Faith

By Guest Blogger Annelies Lauwers Having Faith to me means ‘trusting & believing’ in something bigger than myself, the Universe, I like to call it, […]


Ceremonies and Rituals

Shamans for thousands of years have engaged in Ceremonies and Rituals that access various levels and stages of consciousness. Some ceremonial and ritualistic practices have […]


Animal Medicine

Animal Medicine is one of the ancient practices birthed through the experiences of primal man and reborn as a spiritual practice in Shamanism. Animal Medicine […]



Our Ancestors are more than what we know by way of our family tree or ancestral history. Ancestral lines can be obscured or unknown depending […]


Death and Mortality

By Guest Blogger Zully Robles Introduction: Death has an infinity of aspects to discuss. It is an endless topic and so I have written two […]


The Intuitive Self

Do you feel there is a disconnect in your life? How would you like to learn to awaken the inner guide within? Our intuition, the […]


Disrupting Patterns

When our belief system is challenged, we resist. These long established patterns become disrupted and affronted. The resulting effect of this disruption is that our […]


My Journey Towards Recovery

By Guest Blogger, Tracey Child It was 2004, we were in Phuket Thailand celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary with a few family and friends. We […]


Blood Moon – Supermoon – Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse

The next Supermoon is on 26th May 2021. A Supermoon occurs when the Full Moon is closest to the Earth and appears larger and brighter […]