The March Equinox

The March equinox will take place on Wednesday 21st March (AWST). This equinox in March heralds in the spring celebrations in the northern hemisphere and […]


Unconditional Love For Self

The 14th February is considered around the world as a day to celebrate LOVE…today’s article is about celebrating UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR SELF Do you feel exhausted all […]


The Little Warrior (The Ant)

Ants are amazing creatures. I am in totally in awe of their strength, versatility, focus, determination, resilience and singlemindedness. What they accomplish for the colony is […]


The Wolf Moon and the Blood Moon – January 2018

This month we are gifted with two Supermoons. A Supermoon occurs when a full moon is closest to the earth and appears larger and brighter than […]


Teaching Children to Meditate

Are you interested in teaching your children how to meditate? Over the years I have had a number of teachers and caregivers (parents, grandparents, au […]


Christmas Self Care

Hi, Are you looking after yourself? Christmas is just over two weeks away. Decorations and Christmas trees are up. Shops are busy.


Retreat Review

Hi Gorgeous Souls, This week I wanted to share about the Shamanic Spiritual Immersion Retreat recently held in Rishikesh, India. A powerful transformational, life-changing retreat […]


Great Bear Medicine

In Shamanism, the Great Bear is acknowledged as a spiritual healer. Through the ages, bears have symbolised a deeper connectedness to spirit, the universal cosmos […]


Disrupting Patterns

When our belief system is challenged, we resist. Long established patterns become disputed and disrupted. Our value system is triggered. We are protecting ourselves, preserving […]


Your Spirit Guides – The Lion and The Lioness

From ancient times the lion has been the embodiment of strength and raw power. In Shamanism, the lion symbolises a guardian and protector. By nature, […]