The Intuitive Artist

By Guest Blogger Audrey Bishop I call my self an intuitive artist because I literally go with my intuitive self. Really all artists have this […]


Nature’s Spiritual Energy

Every living being which exists in the physical world as we know it, possesses within itself spiritual energy. An undeniable life force that connects it […]


A Woman’s Journey

I remember the year I turned 42. Being a mother, a wife and working in a demanding corporate job, I found over the years that […]


Primal Woman

She is earth mother, grandmother, tribal elder and matriarch. Primal Woman is the connection to our ancestors and the ancient warrior woman that resides within. […]


Goddess Energy- What Does It Mean To Me?

By Guest Blogger, Donna Zaffino Recently Deb asked me this question: Goddess energy, what does it mean to you? Yikes, I was speechless. The moving […]


Spirit and the Spirit Realm

The fundamental belief of Shamanism is our connection to spirit, the spirit realm, our ancestors and nature’s universal consciousness. The word ‘Spirit’ can conjure up […]


Shamanism & Ayurveda

The ancient practices and processes of Shamanism predate Ayurveda. Both these teachings are intrinsically linked. From Shamanism Ayurveda is birthed. Spirituality, the connection to nature, […]


Being in and Speaking My Truth

By Guest Blogger Liz Parker My brain tells me one way, my heart often tells me another. I fight, then struggle, then stop. I meditate […]


The Goddess

The Goddess’ qualities are attributed to raw primal warrior Shamanic energy. Her strength, resilience and fortitude are particularly powerful. Intuitively lead and connected to the […]


Full Moon in Aquarius – July 2021

The Full Moon on 24th July 2021 and the Full Moon on 22nd August 2021 are both in alignment with the astrological Zodiac sign of […]