Releasing The Tigress Within

The Tigress is the symbol of the new moon. The energy for each new moon lasts for two weeks. The new moon is about relationships. […]


A Practice for Tranquility of the Mind

We live in a world of busyness, schedules, obligations and reiterations. There are times when we feel we are being pulled one way and then […]


Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs when we have experienced a physical, mental or emotional crisis and become disassociated from one’s self. Perhaps there has been a time when […]


Sacred Frequency Sonic Medicine

Sacred frequencies emanate from the origin of the universal consciousness; together with the spirituality of Mother Nature, the elements, planets and other beings. All that […]


Journey to Your Primal Self

Sometime ago spirit touched on my soul to go on a pilgrimage to my ancestral home. A journey to rediscover and connect with the ancients […]


Spirit Guide The Stag

In Shamanism, the Stag represents masculinity and dominance in all its forms. The Stag has appeared in cave paintings from the Paleolithic era. This totem […]


Spirit Guide The Owl

Spirit Guide Owl is an omnipresent and wise being. Guided by our ancestors and spirit guides. Language and connection of the ancients. Magic, mystic and […]


My Battle, My Voice – Warrior Queen

By Guest Blogger Jeanette Holland   Hello, I am Jeanette, and ‘Warrior Queen’ came about well sort of by chance, but not really.  I think […]


The Journey To Self Belief

By Guest Blogger Lisa Byrne Self belief for me has been an ongoing journey for quite some time. I have seen huge growth within myself, […]


The September Equinox

The September Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere initiate’s us into Spring. Also known as the Vernal Equinox, it can fall on any date between 21st […]