Every living being which exists in the physical world as we know it, possesses within itself spiritual energy.

An undeniable life force that connects it to the divine and all other life on this planet.

Collectively these include plants, animals and other components and elements of earth, including and not limited to soil, sand, minerals and water to name a few.

When we discuss ‘animals’ we are including all beings such as fish, birds, insects.

The spirit energy of Nature is its essential life force.

Nature breathes, its energy is in flow, in life and death.

It is this continuation which is the lifeblood of this planet.

Nature resides in feminine energy.

She is Mother Nature, Goddess, Medicine Woman, Creator of Life. She provides us with Plant Medicine, Animal Medicine, Crystals and Minerals, Earth and Water Medicine.

When we cohabit with Nature our natural frequency vibrations are elevated.

There is nothing like walking barefoot on the grass, over beach sand or the coolness of water in between your toes or all over your body.

This evidence is palpable.

You feel a tingling, a physical surge and transference of energy through your whole being.

Then an automatic relaxation of the mind and the physical self, letting go.

A release.

You may have become emotional and/or creating space for deep heartfelt gratitude.

Interestingly we automatically take a deep breath at this time.

It is as if our body is so in tune with the spiritual energy of Nature, that we know intrinsically it is healing for us.

This is the breath of Nature.

Nature affords to us her unique healing processes.

It is amazing, how your mood can lift by hugging a tree, spending time with your furbaby or going for a walk outdoors.

It is this spiritual energy that can transform and change our state of being.

Entering the world of Nature with no expectations.

Surrendering to what can be possible in this sacred spiritual space.

Start to notice how the cycles of Nature impact your emotions and feelings.

Without any judgment or critical thinking be aware of the changes in your own biorhythms, your emotions and thought processes.

Nature grants us her unconditional spiritual love and guardianship. Notice how good you feel after spending time in her presence.