Sometime ago spirit touched on my soul to go on a pilgrimage to my ancestral home. A journey to rediscover and connect with the ancients that had come before me. To listen to their words and teachings of knowledge and wisdom.

On this journey my ancestors recounted to me the stories of primal man (their ancestors), stories handed down orally over generations.

The words ‘authenticity’ and ‘authentic self’ were also shown to me. Including their descriptions and belief value.

What I discovered is that the journey to our primal self is one of revelation, redemption, authenticity, legitimacy and truth.

This pilgrimage transports us back to the beginning, to our inception in the physical realm. Where we are no longer only spiritual elemental beings; we co-exist in a spiritual state within a physical form as synergistic, symbiotic individuals.

This deep connection allows for the realisation of our primordial, primitive, essential state. This can occur through a myriad of past lives or dimensions and other existential realities.

This reality can be as diverse as the different lives which have existed.

The journey taken is a voyage deep within self; through the spirit realm, connecting to the primal warrior within. Entering into an altered state of consciousness, that will allow you to interact with what is normally considered a hidden reality. This odyssey is a journey of self-discovery, disruption and healing.

If you are feeling there is disconnection or imbalance in your life, it could be that you are not in alignment with your primal self. In ancient times women and men of the same tribe connected to their true primal self through the Shaman of the tribe. As we have progressed as a society we have forgotten many of the ancient ways. Connection and incorporation of these ancient practices and rituals allow us to live a balanced, harmonious and happier life.

The integration of Shamanic rituals and practices create the space for us to connect to our primal self via the spiritual plane. It guides us to a deeper understanding of our truth and purpose. This journey can also be one of disrupting patterns and healing of the soul. It provides a realisation of our authentic connection to the universal consciousness, astrology, seasons, nature, elements and other beings.

Trust in your primal self opens a conduit to receive and interpret messages from the spirit realm, your ancestors and spirit guides.

All my life I felt like I was not good enough. I never seemed to quite fit in. I always knew there was something different about me. I spent a great deal of my life lost and confused. I had coded in that belief. It became a stranglehold on me. I searched for love and acceptance through external means, to fill that void I felt gaping inside of me. I hated myself for everything that was different about me. You see I was disconnected from my truth. I was not aligned with my authentic primal self.

Spirit taught me to celebrate my individuality. To be strong within self. My spirit guides bought into my life and across my path, the people who encouraged and held a safe space for me. The more I trust  spirit I flourish in my truth.

I give myself permission to go on a pilgrimage and connect to the primitive side of self. The deep, raw, vulnerable, animalistic part of me; that moves to the beat of her own drum, my internal rhythm.

Everyday I allow my primal self to be uncomfortable, to love and embrace the shadow within.