In Shamanism, the Great Bear is acknowledged as a spiritual healer. Through the ages, bears have symbolised a deeper connectedness to spirit, the universal cosmos and the divine mother.

Great Bear medicine calls us to align our spirit with the spirit being of this powerful revered animal.

The Great Bear represents wisdom, strength, knowledge, action, power, spiritual connection, metaphysical energy, self-mastery, nurturing, ancestral bonds and healing.

The Great Bear acquires ‘medicine’ for its own healing, it has an attuned awareness when seeking out plants, roots, nuts and berries to eat.

The Great Bear represents a powerful spiritual connection to our ancestors. Travelling to the unseen world to gather wisdom and knowledge on our behalf. The Great Bear is the spirit of our forefathers.

Look at the Great Bear’s size and dexterity, this is a lesson in life itself. The Great Bear overcomes any obstacle placed in its path through masterful intelligence and strength. They are single-minded in protecting and nurturing their young or in reaching the furthermost parts of a tree to pick the ripest of fruits. The Great Bear is discerning of its diet, selecting items that are at the highest level of edibility, nutrition and nourishment.

The Great Bear is mother energy in its highest form, providing devotion and protection.

As a sacred and revered spirit guide in Shamanism, the Great Bear is celebrated as the spiritual gateway for rebirth and re-emergence after a period of ‘hibernation’.

What lessons can you learn from the Great Bear:

Lesson 1

Look at things from different angles when making a decision. You may see things better in a different light.

Lesson 2

Take your time and be discerning when selecting a course of action.

Lesson 3

Nurture and take care of yourself first emotionally, mentally and physically. Fill your cup to overflowing, you will then be able to give more to others.

Lesson 4

The Great Bear is your spirit guide to connect to your ancestors.

Lesson 5

Heal yourself, honour your body and remove rules you have around food. The rules mirror what’s happening in your life.

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