By Guest Blogger, Donna Zaffino

Recently Deb asked me this question: Goddess energy, what does it mean to you?

Yikes, I was speechless. The moving parts in my brain had to think and then my fingers had to Google.

To be honest, I’ve never used this term, I’ve never spoken to Goddess energy, though within a few hot seconds I knew what she was referring to.

In a nutshell this is how I define Goddess energy.

Goddess energy is the ultimate connection to self. Connected to your truth; body, mind and spirit being in alignment without trying, without the conscious thought process.
And this can be in the practical (get shit done) or non-practical (it feels good).

Let me share an example of when I have stepped into my Goddess energy from a practical and non-practical sense.

Practical – Getting a job done

My ultimate Goddess energy was when I birthed. I felt my ultimate truth as a woman when I was birthing, I loved everything about this moment. I did it three times. I surrendered to the process entirely. I let my body tell me what was happening. I birthed with instinct. I understood what my body was capable of and what was possible. Because I was knowledgeable I was in my power. And being in my power was a conduit to Goddess energy.

Non-practical – Feeling good about myself

During a recent family camping trip I found myself with ‘me-time’. The kids went kayaking with their dad and I was left to hang at the camp. Instead of preparing dinner I opted to do something different; I listened to what I wanted. I wanted to be warm so I collected timber and built a fire. I wanted to be naked so I took my clothes off. I wanted to feel connected to Mother Earth so I lay under the canopy of the karri trees. I wanted to feel the flow of the feminine so I listened deeply to the sound of the river over the rapids. I wanted to love myself so I massaged my body (with the evoo in my camping pantry)! I was grounded and I was connected.

I didn’t know I was going to do this, I had no plan. I listened and instinctually fell in tune with the energy of me and my environment.

I understand those two examples are not one’s ‘everyday access’ to Goddess energy, but they are something you can build up to with daily practice. On a day-to-day basis this is how I access Goddess energy, and you too can do it with as little as 30 seconds.

Breath work! – consciously breathe
Singing in my car – exercise the vocal cords
Move my body – dancing, yoga flow, handstands
Red lipstick – why is this so powerful?
Observe nature – connecting with the source

Ultimately anything that helps you get out of the thinking head and into the sensory body is how to connect to your Goddess energy and to me it means living life plugged in, into self.