The Full Moon on 24th July 2021 and the Full Moon on 22nd August 2021 are both in alignment with the astrological Zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Having two Full Moons consecutively, one after the other in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, opens the gateway to an ancient powerful sacred synergistic energy.

Both Full Moons bring together a harmonising energy that will stir up and awaken suppressed emotions and feelings.

The Full Moon in July will be the conduit that will serve to activate and facilitate action for deep spiritual healing.

Based deep in mythology, Aquarius the water carrier is the eleventh astrological Zodiac sign.

The July Full Moon is seen as a time where one’s emotions and feelings are bared raw and exposed. Gathered up by the ‘water carrier’, cleansed and purified and poured back into one’s self.

This is a time of acknowledgement and being true to one’s self. Being vulnerable in the space of raw emotion. Allowing strength to derive from the birth of one’s transformation and evolution. It is a time of growth and change.

Intimate and personal relationships may be affected during this time. Beliefs around money, wealth, finances and success will be brought to the surface. Together with feelings of self-worth.

Consider this shift to be an opportunity to focus on balance and harmony in your thoughts, words and actions.

The July Full Moon is known as the Full Buck Moon or Thunder Moon in the Northern Hemisphere.