The shadow part of self in many lies hidden.  A mask of pretense is often worn with non-acceptance of lower vibrational emotions like frustration, anger, hate. 

Non-acceptance of the shadow within is to not be in harmony and balance with self. Accepting what is and realising the emotions and stories behind it allow for a re-creation of our everyday thought processes.

Do you sit in judgment of others? Do you project blame for something that has occurred in your life? First acknowledge that whatever you are experiencing in your life is a direct result of your beliefs. This is important…You attract the same energy in your life.

Embracing the shadow within us all, brings us to a place of resolution and peace. We must first look within and ask why do I react that way? What are these contentious feelings about? Why does that person bring up a reaction in me? Am I projecting my frustrations of lack onto someone else?

There is no magic pill!

You must do the work yourself.