When our belief system is challenged, we resist. These long established patterns become disrupted and affronted.

The resulting effect of this disruption is that our personal value system is triggered.

We protect ourselves, preserving our ideals and the standards and principles we live by. 

Any challenge or disruption to this belief system affects us deeply, to the core of our being.

Many times, we suppress these emotions and push it to one side. Perhaps the trauma or pain is too great; the memories surrounding the trauma too vivid; Or we feel it is not in our best interest to relive an incident that happened a very long time ago.

Know that if you continue to ignore these little ‘hiccups’ and occurrences, they will continue to resurface.

These memories will refashion themselves into other patterns that will control your life in the present and moving forward.

Furthermore, over time these feelings will develop into a deeper chasm of pain and show up in other areas of your life not connected to the initial incident.

If we continually place one emotion on top of the other, our fears, anxieties, and illusions will build up over time. This may result in ‘breakdowns’ and confusion, culminating in not recognising who we really are.

How do we disrupt these patterns?

Firstly, acknowledge the pain you are feeling. Embrace it.

Creating space and awareness around stories will help us grasp a better understanding of the pattern and the belief surrounding it. This will allow the story or memory to be revealed. Opening the gateway to a rediscovery and deep exploration within self. Accessing the trauma and pain when it was first secured. Which could have occurred in this life, a past life or even another reality.

Continue to ask yourself questions that will reveal the trauma behind the story so you can commence your healing journey and gain a deeper understanding of self.

Our mind is a powerful force, subconsciously and consciously we will things to happen in our lives.

When you open your eyes first thing in the morning, send some love and gratitude into your day.

Focus on what you have accomplished.

It is simple but we tend to forget to appreciate and give thanks for our journey.

Look back over the last 12 months, and write down the changes you have implemented, that have helped you grow and move closer to your truth.

Maybe you have started a daily practice of taking 5 minutes out of your day to meditate/prayer. Or you have taken the time to focus on a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you now surround yourself with amazing humans that encourage and inspire you…Whatever it is for you. Writing and visualising are great ways to acknowledge all you have accomplished.

Do something each day that makes you happy.

These five neurotransmitters and hormones are activated when you are happy. Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Estrogen and Progesterone.

How can you access these ‘feel good’ hormones? Start with a smile, listening to some uplifting music that makes you want to dance. Movement is a great way to disrupt your patterns. Do things you love, cuddling your furbaby, pampering yourself with a warm bath, meditation, get out in nature. Be mindful of the foods you eat as saturated fat, sugar and starchy foods may imbalance your hormone levels.

Connect with your authentic truth.

Let us remove those stories and opinions from other people.

Allow yourself to sit in stillness and ask, ‘What do I believe?’ Acknowledging whatever comes up for you. Recognise the stories around the limiting belief. Understand that you are not that person, and therefore that restrictive belief does not serve you anymore.

When you step into your power magical things will happen.

Allow yourself with no attachment to sit in a place of rediscovering who you really are. Each belief and story that comes up ask, ‘Does this belief serve me moving forward?’ If it does not resonate with you, acknowledge it and release it.

Now remember since these patterns have been running in your life for sometime, they may resurface. Each time recognise the belief and the story as limiting your true potential and make the choice to let it go. The mistake many of us make is to push that story to one side and not give it any space to resolve. This is not allowing you to distinguish between the illusion and your truth.

I want you to know that YOU are AWESOME!


I would love to hear your thoughts and how this article resonates with you.


Deb x