By Guest Blogger Liz Parker

My brain tells me one way,
my heart often tells me another.
I fight,
then struggle,
then stop.
I meditate and go deep inside where I can ignore my brain,
ignore my heart and get in touch with my truth.
My truth is always with me,

This is the place of knowing,
the knowing of me.
The place that shows me exactly what I need to do and where I need to be,
my authentic self.
Bringing my truth forward to present then allows me to know,
to feel comfortable and strong,
to understand my truth is the only way forward……
and then I do it,
I speak it and when I do,
peace and calm comes over me in waves.
It feels good,
it feels right and I feel free!!

Through practice,
I now find though my brain and heart try to be ‘boss’,
my truth is clear and it is strong.

This has helped me immensely of late, working through several life changing decisions.