I remember the year I turned 42. Being a mother, a wife and working in a demanding corporate job, I found over the years that I gradually ‘lost’ myself. I was trying to fit my whole life into 24 hours. Not always possible when you are working long hours, studying part-time and having two young children at home. At the end of the day I used to fall in a heap from exhaustion mentally, emotionally and physically.

I was blessed to have a very supportive partner. I continually struggled with the guilt associated with never being ‘good enough’ as a wife, mother or daughter. These emotions continually weighed me down.

I tried to eat away all my problems. I felt I was losing myself as an individual. Then a lightning bolt moment “Sh** really WHO AM I?”

The managing partner and board had placed immense pressure, and significant levels of achievement on me to perform and succeed.

As always I was my worst critic.

As women that’s what we do. Instead of embracing our whole self in this moment in time, we place unrealistic expectations on our own self for success.

Burn The Bra
We burned the bra, had a sexual revolution, got the vote but what did we actually learn?

We sit in this place of mediocrity, uncertain in our individual belief.

At times a ‘second class citizen’ in our own mind. Allowing others to have power over us.

Placement of self last, instead of pleasing and caring for YOU first!

Our generational ties and belief systems find us trapped in our everyday lives unable to breathe. Hidden behind the mask of womanhood. Expectations placed on self, through the interpretation of others.

Seriously what emancipation?

So recently that got me thinking and asking these questions.

Do you ever feel you are losing your identity?

Is there so much going on in your life outwardly that you are a different person than what you feel inside?

How many times when you have wanted to move forward and step out of your comfort zone, do stories and memories revisit you from your subconscious mind? With a view to influencing the outcome of your actions?

Our subconscious is safeguarding us from whatever it deems unmanageable for us.

The thoughts and actions stored in our mind have been pre-conditioned from a very young age or from a past life.

What if we could make new memories and stories?

I know that to effect change, we first need to be given the opportunity to see what is possible. To be guided to understand that part of self, which has been asleep for a long time; comfortable under layers of self-doubt and disenchantment.

Medicine Woman
In ancient times women stood shoulder to shoulder with men in their Tribe.

Most of the time, not always men would be the hunters. The woman’s role was to keep the community together and to gather plants, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Woman was venerated. She was equal with man.

Did you know that it has been proven through anthropological findings that women in primal times were responsible for 80% of the tribe’s sustainability and growth?

The woman’s role consisted of being knowledgeable about what roots and plants to eat for certain symptoms and illnesses. She cooked seasonal produce to make it nutritious and life sustaining for the Tribe. Many times, she was the Shaman, the spiritual adviser, the medicine woman.

Some women were healers, others read the stars and seasons. Still others would be the teachers, care-givers and wet-nurses.

They would give from the heart. They inherently knew that they would have to care for themselves first, so they could in turn tend to the rest of the Tribe.

These women were also storytellers and would entrust the tribe’s history to the next generation.

I want you to understand how phenomenal you actually are!

Your Birthright
It is your birthright historically to be that ‘warrior’ woman, that woman from ancient times who was revered and held in a place of honour for creating life and healing.

As women we have always been nurturers and care-givers. Being the female of the species, we are the only ones who grow a living human being within us, formed from a single cell. This amazing transformation binds us to what we have created as we feed, nurture and protect the child growing in our womb.

Did you know that the child takes the nutrients it requires for growth and development directly from your body? For example calcium for the child’s bones are taken from the calcium stores in your bones. Not from the food you actually consume and absorb into your body during pregnancy. What you consume replenishes your own body and cells.

YOU are phenomenally amazing! Like all mammals we care for our young.

I want you to think about a pride of lions. Do you know that lionesses sychronise their cycle on heat at the same time, so they can share in the communal raising and nursing of their young? Sound familiar?

In ancient times ‘women’ were revered as medicine women, goddesses, community elders. In some cultures, warriors.

The Sisterhood
We are a strong community of sisters. Through communal love for each other’s journey we hold space for each other.

Openly choosing vulnerability and discomfort to bare our raw and naked souls.

We are connected spiritually and energetically through the ancient lineage of women, our birthright. Our power as authentic souls perpetuating truth, wisdom and knowledge as we find our place in the Tribe.

We share a community of unity and empathy. Our soul’s purpose is to awake anew and live emancipated lives away from pre-conditioning and mediocrity.

Tap into the sisterhood. From here you will find your truth, authenticity, intention, purpose, connection and strength. Digging deep and piercing layers built up of conformity and confusion. Bringing light and healing to every part of our lives.

It is time sisters to get rid of the ‘shit’ that we’ve been carrying around all our lives, through the expectations and belief systems of others.

When you connect to your authentic true self, without comparison to others, you will see in your own life incredible things manifest.

A cathartic experience when you connect energetically with the sister circle. You will find the Great Spirit and your ancestors will bless you unreservedly. The right people at the right time will enter your life. The perfect scenarios will be made apparent, more than you could possibly fathom. Connection with your true self is the key.

A Call To Action
To cause a ripple effect and a massive shift on this planet, which is already happening in a big way.

To be part of the collective, creating massive change in a positive way.

It all starts from within.

Show up and be accountable 100% of the time.

That is, BE unapologetically authentically YOU!

Recently a lot has been coming up for me. I’ve applauded the space I’ve been in. Appreciated the vulnerability and authenticity that I feel. Taken a step back and observing. Understanding why these feelings are coming up to the surface, like a bubble bursting and the reason behind it. Allowing me to consolidate my learnings, into my life journey.

I could have thrown my hands up and questioned everything I stand for. Instead I chose to honour those feelings. I made the decision to embrace the ‘stories’ instead of pushing them out.

You know that saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’. So not true. That memory is stored in a little ‘box’ in your subconscious mind ready to pop out when your mind feels the need to ‘protect’ you from feeling uncomfortable.

Remember the ‘fear and flight’ mode. A situation arises you have two options. Run, hide or stand and face what is causing the discomfort.

Our subconscious mind wants to protect us from those emotions that have some foundation and roots to our childhood, a similar experience or a past life occurrence.

We all have those moments. I have had a few come up this week. Grateful. It is good. I like getting uncomfortable. It means growth. Embrace the discomfort, change direction, or take a step back.

Each time ‘self’ throws some doubt or uneasy feeling, sit in it, giving thanks and pass it up to the Great Spirit (the Source, the Universe, the Creator, Supreme Being, God) and my ancestors.

I am in action mode, the law of the Universe will provide the ‘how’.

This is your check in time.

I am moving more and more into unchartered waters. Fearlessly Free!

Remember strength comes from within.

Once you comprehend and understand fully the tools you have at your disposable and all there is to life is within your grasp. You can make an informed choice to follow the path that best defines you.

When you step out, you might stumble.

Pick yourself up and keep going. Each step makes you stronger in the knowledge of who YOU are!