We live in a world of busyness, schedules, obligations and reiterations. There are times when we feel we are being pulled one way and then another. We surmise that our life cannot be on our own terms. Enduring moments of tension and the overwhelming sensation that ‘everything’ seems to be unravelling; our life, emotions, mental health, our physical being. Why do people talk about putting yourself first? This simple phrase brings about a reaction deep within. The ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I should be able to cope’, ‘What’s wrong with me?’

This practice will empower you. It will provide you with peace and clarity. For any real change to occur a consistent daily practice is required. There are no magic remedies or shortcuts. I would encourage you to incorporate this practice daily into your everyday life. Five minutes minimum is all that is required. Consider setting time aside three times during the day. You will reap the benefits.

Take five minutes in a darkened quiet room. An eye mask and noise cancelling earplugs are helpful if you are unable to find a darkened room. I find it easy to close off from any distractions or outside noises. This practice is built over time. If you are easily distracted noise cancelling earplugs are recommended.

Set your phone timer on ‘chimes’ for five minutes.

Close your eyes and connect in to the breath. Start with your regular breathing pattern. With each inhalation, encourage the body and mind to relax completely. Feeling the release of tension with each exhalation; an expansion of weightlessness and buoyancy transmutes into your very being.

Direct your attention to the union of your inhalation, with the release and expansion of the body and mind.

Shift your focus solely to the mind. Discovering, as is for the first time, the feeling of liberation, peace and tranquility; to every aspect of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious thoughts. Continue to use the breath to expand the mind creating space.

As thoughts and memories surface, acknowledge and let go. Physically blow them away with your breath. For this practice we are not looking at your patterns or stories, we are creating a safe space for the mind to be at peace. Exercise non-attachment. When you have finished this practice take a few minutes to bring yourself back into homeostasis, your normal state, through a regular breathing pattern.