Are you looking after yourself?
Christmas is just over two weeks away.
Decorations and Christmas trees are up.
Shops are busy.

Cash registers and credit card machines are weighing in as to how much you are spending.
Gifts are being wrapped and hidden from enquiring eyes.
How are you?
Are you feeling an added amount of stress and anxiety during this time?
In between the joy and love that the Christmas season brings there is also a huge amount of obligation. Whether it be buying the ‘right’ present; the amount of money we are able to spend versus the amount of money we actually spend; to who we should place on our guest list for Christmas festivities.
We create a false belief from past experiences as to how this Christmas day will pan out. Whether it be dreading that ‘Uncle Bob’ or ‘Aunt Agatha’ are going to be there, to seeking approval from those present at our Christmas table.
Know when you sit in this illusion and focus on it constantly, continually voicing these past stories; you create and manifest this false impression into your reality.
Take time to look at the conditions and expectations you place on yourself during this time. I remember a Pastor at the local church mentioning a few years ago, that during this time of joy and festivities, is also the highest rate for breakups, suicide and depression.
So again I ask you, are you looking after yourself?
Here are my top five secrets for getting through the Christmas season:
1. What is important to you?
Ask yourself what does this time of year actually mean to me? Deep down not at a surface level.
Is it family, fun and celebration?
Choose to shift your focus from money, pressure and obligation. Connect in to joy, kindness, love, humility, compassion and pure happiness. Revisit those fond memories you have around this time of celebration.
2.  ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’
Is how much you spend on a gift, decorating your festive table or on the food you prepare that important to you?
If the answer is ‘Yes’ I would encourage you to look at the narration supporting this belief.
Why is it important?
Does this story serve you?
If the answer is ‘No’, then perhaps it would be an opportune time to release it.
This illusion wears different masks:
  • Seeking approval from others
  • Our compulsion to be the ‘best’ at any cost
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Unfulfilled in self
  • Feeling unworthy or not good enough

Check in with your inner child and your intuitive self.

What is spirit sharing with you?
Know that deep down people are coming to see you.
Set your intention through love and kindness.
3. Honour Yourself
Take 10 minutes out of your day to do something for yourself. Without anyone else present in your space.
  • A walk in nature or on the beach
  • Read a few pages from a book you haven’t had the time to read
  • A bath with epsom salts and lit candles
  • Spending time with your furbabies
  • Listen to some music that sets your soul on fire
  • Dancing and connecting to the primal energy within
4. Gratitudes
What are your first thoughts when you open your eyes each morning?
Give thanks and vocalise your gratitudes for the day.
As soon as I open my eyes I always give thanks for the:
  • day before me
  • space to rest, recover and recuperate
  • helping spirits, guides and guardians who watch over me
5. Daily Practice
Continue with a daily practice. Start with 5 minutes of centering yourself. Create stillness, clarity and peace of mind before starting your day.
These are my top five secrets. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share any of your secrets for keeping you in flow during this time of year.
Deb x